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I'm back from the library, a few years shaved off my life.

I love the Roswell library. They have a spacious kids section, and everyone is just kind there.  I try to take the girls there twice a week. I'm bummed it'll be shutting down for 3 weeks for recarpeting.  I fear the Alpharetta library won't match up!  *snobby look*

Today's visit was going pretty swimmingly.  I read the girls a few books, and let Amelia pick out four (I know! FOUR!) books to check out. We head up to the checkout desk for Amelia's books to pick up the holds I have waiting. While the librarian is checking things out, Amelia takes off for the potty. All of the sudden, Katie is GONE. Amelia starts yelling from halfway across the library, "I WENT PEEPEE!" She is standing in front of the kid's potty with her panties around her ankles and one Crocs missing. A librarian comes walking up to me letting me know that Katie made it out <b>BOTH</B> double doors and was outside.  Oh, my phone starts ringing as well.

I hold a wriggling fussing Katie, let my Aunt know I can't talk right then, and tell Amelia to go back in the bathroom.  I finish my transaction, run to the potty, and try not to die of fear and embarassment.

I am generally anti-kid-leash, but I'm starting to reconsider. Katie's a climbing, running sort at only 16 months of age. I fear for her "terrible twos."  She'll be committing terrorism at that point.     
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Katie's still sick. I took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon, because she was passing mortar-covered stools (which I have never seen in either her or Amelia). We think that she has some nasty stomach bug, most likely picked up from Saturday's visit to Chuck E. Cheese. The doctor agrees. If she's not better by Monday, we'll do a stool collection and blood draw, since he's worried she may have liver inflammation.

In positive news, Amelia continues to wear panties around the house. This is our 3rd day. She hasn't done her business yet in the potty, but she's getting closer. She feels the urge and sprints for the potty. :D She's rewarded after each potty try with 1 (generic) M&M. Why generic? To keep Tom away from them. ;)

Last night, Tom came home from work and watched the kids while I went out to do whatever. I had a quiet dinner out at Jason's Deli while I read. Then I wandered through Michaels and Barnes and Noble. It was delicious.

This weekend is chock full of birthday parties. Tom will be staying home with Katie while I take Amelia to them. They may join us if Katie has a dramatic change, but I'm not holding my breath.
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The words "poop everywhere" do not adequately describe the scene that we encountered this morning when walking into Katie's room.

Between potty training Amelia and Katie's digestive system rebelling, I'm gonna need more bleach.
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This potty training business is not for the faint of heart or stomach. ;)
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Katie had a good doctor's visit. She's 30.5 inches tall (75-90%) and 22 lbs 5 oz (50-75%). She also has a big brain pan, but I don't recall that measurement off the top of my head. Amelia was relatively good during the exam. She demanded the doctor listen to her heart as well, and the pediatrician was happy to accommodate. I asked the pediatrician about Amelia's potty training, and she reaffirmed that I know my daughter best, and not to worry that I'm coddling her.

After the doctor visit, Katie took three steps unsupported, but once she realized what she was doing, she dropped down to the floor. Tom and I know that she can walk, she just doesn't think she can yet. :D

Last night, we ran out to Babies R' Us to look at a new stroller for Katie. We've basically killed the lightweight Combi that we bought when Amelia was born, and the umbrella stroller is just too tippy. We chose a $40 Baby Trend stroller with shade, snack tray, and basket. After 2 coupons, it ended up being only $25. Score! Even if we only use the stroller for another 6 months, that price is paltry.

Last night, Tom had a bad reaction to a medication he's taking, so he's at home today recovering. Amelia kept waking up last night, and I wrenched my knee while going to check on her. We're quite the pair! Luckily, the TiVo has kids programming galore, and the kids have approximately 48,932 toys with which to play.
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I need a lot more patience.


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