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The missing sandal has been found buried deep in a bag under 2 packs of diapers. Not quite sure how she did it, so I'll just admire her cunning.

Amelia just found out that she could stick her sneakers to her hair via Velcro. I expect interesting hairdos for the next few days.


Jul. 19th, 2007 10:49 am
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I'm a big believer in quality over quantity for kids shoes. I try for each child to have 2 pairs of good shoes at any given time. Katie recently grew out of her Very First Shoes (*sniff!*), and her second pair were giving her a weird abrasion mark on her upper pudge-ankle. Monday, I hit Stride Rite and found the perfect summer fisherman's sandal. I had to go to another SR store to get them in her size.

This morning, we were all on schedule to get Amelia to camp on time. I find Amelia's sneakers and have her put them on. I could only find 1 of Katie's new sandals. I spent 20 minutes looking before taking K out barefoot (I don't want to put on the other shoes until the abrasion mark is completely gone to test to see if it is caused by the shoe or aggravating a bug bite or something).

I went by Kohl's after dropping off Amelia to see if I could pick up a cheaper pair of sandals to serve in a pinch. Kohl's only has toddler shoes in whole sizes. I'm really disinclined to spend another $30 for new sandals AGAIN this week.

Sorry, this may seem petty. I'm just frustrated about this.

And we're still searching for a missing TiVo remote that Katie "hid" a month ago.


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