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 How I love your Cacciatore Simmer Sauce. It allows me to just cook a few chicken breasts simply in olive oil with only salt and pepper, slice then up once done, add the sauce to the warrm pan for a few minutes, serve over linguini, and everyone eats happily.  From start to finish, it takes 25 minutes in the kitchen. It's so cheap and it tastes like I've cooked for much longer.

It's so simple that I made it tonight as well as a big pot of homemade spaghetti sauce.  Tom and I had the chicken cacciatore. The kids had spaghetti. The extra spaghetti sauce will be used for two extra meals in the future. The chicken cacciatore will be for three lunches in the future for Tom. (I had chicken and ground beef that had to be used up tonight that didn't get used during the previous week since i had six days straight of migraines.  My desire and aptitude for cooking go right out the window when my brain is that cattywampus.)
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Tonight, I made homemade salsa using a half-dozen of my homegrown tomatoes. It was a little heavy on the red onion, but otherwise quite tasty.

To accompany the salsa, we had grilled chicken (marinated in Penzey's fajita seasoning, lime juice, and a bit of corn oil), tortillas, cheese, and rice.   Every one ate well, which is always a nice surprise with two small kids.  The kids are cheese lovers, just like Tom.

Now that the kids are asleep, we're watching A Prairie Home Companion that's been sitting on the TiVo for the last two months. We haven't dallied due to a lack of interest. It's because the mood hasn't been right. Tonight, it is.


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