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Today was "Muffins for Mom" at Amelia's preschool. Amelia's been so excited about it.

Once all the moms came in and sat with our kids, everyone else's child was excitedly talking about their classroom and how they wanted muffins. Amelia broke down into tears and climbed into my lap. She was crying that she wanted to go home. Then she switched tactics and said, "I want you to go home. I don't want you here."  She kept repeating it.

She refused muffins and juice. She refused to do the crafts project (cutouts of her hand and my hand). She refused to take a picture to be put inside the hand cutouts. I hugged her, told her everything was okay, and I was going to be there as long as the other mommies were.  She didn't care.

I know she was overwhelmed with all of the change in "her" space. However, it doesn't make it easier to hear your 3 year old say she doesn't want you. It doesn't make it easier that she is the one who always cries during any sort of performance or special activity.

I just want things to be nice for once.

Oh, I'd made it to 12 days without a migraine. About an hour ago, my temples were filled with stabbing pain. 

I'm done.  
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My daughters love to imitate me and "cook" throughout the day. They abscond with my oven mitts on a regular basis. They have a play kitchen which they use all of the time.

I had the idea of giving each girl personalized kitchen things as stocking stuffers for Christmas. I found plain child-sized aprons at Joanns, and I will write their names and put iron on patches to decorate the aprons. I'll look around for inexpensive pot holders and maybe find wee chef toques to complete the look
So far, so good, right?

Then I started over-thinking the situation. Is this too girly of a gift? Am I telling them that they must cook?  Since I'm already a SAHM, am I not sending them an empowered enough message?  Am I conditioning them that a daddy goes out to work, while mommy stays home cleaning, cooking, and crafting?

I fear I have taken too many criticism and women studies classes. :)


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