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Last week, I volunteered at a Girl Scout day camp. It was hot, humid, and a lot of fun. I was outside from 8 AM til 4 PM every day except Friday when I stayed to help pack out the camp. I got home at 11PM that night, because the camp leader bought us dinner and drinks. I didn't actually indulge in any liquor because I would have crawled under the table and fallen asleep. It was nice to sit with some of the adults from the camp and BS. I'm sure we stunk to high heaven, but we were soaking up the AC. :)

On Saturday, I had scheduled a hair appointment at 9:30. I went in for a couple of hours of sitting quietly away from small children to read vapid magazines. Life was good. Tom and I took the girls out to lunch and reminded them that we weren't doing anything that whole weekend that didn't involve air-conditioning. (For those who aren't in the Southeast right now, it's been in the mid-to-upper 90s the last couple of weeks. That's hot for this time of the summer. We are usually in the 80s.)

Sunday and Monday were birthday parties for friends' children. On the way home from the birthday party on Monday, I started getting so sleepy. I napped at home while the kids watched some TV (I know, bad mom!). I put myself to bed when the kids went to sleep at 8:30. I think the long week of working at the camp and being on the go all during the weekend finally caught up with me.

I mentioned this on Facebook but not on here - I am still having this allergic reaction to one tablet of cipro I took 2.5 weeks ago. My tongue feels like it is burned, as if I took a big sip of too-hot coffee. When you look at it, it is bright white. The doctor has confirmed it is not thrush - it's just my body working through having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Sometimes, the body has a down-deep allergic reaction in the tissues that can take weeks to process. I'm just annoyed by this.
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