Nov. 5th, 2007

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Nov. 5th, 2007 08:34 am
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I finally attended a Water Conditioning class at the Y yesterday. I was expecting it to be somewhat easy, but I was pleasantly shocked to find out it was taught by the Y's resident Yoga/Pilates/Aerobics fanatic. While I wasn't sweating, we were working hard. 5 minutes of straight crunches work you, even if you are in a pool.  The entire class finished up the 75 minute work-out with a soak in the whirlpool.   I definitely want to take this again.

I've been fighting a migraine all weekend, so I'm a touch spent. I probably should have skipped the class, but rarely does my time dovetail with committing to a long class. Katie's still not happy with the in-Y daycare, so I tend to do cardio where I can easily stop and go get her if the staff deems her sorrow too overwhelming.

I am scheduled for my second meeting with my personal trainer next Monday.  Tom is off work that day, so he can hang with Katie.  I'm worried that the timing will not work. I have a nerve conduction study scheduled for earlier that morning.  I fear I'll be feeling puny to the point where working out will be contradicted. However, the doctor's office thinks I'll be just fine to do anything afterward.
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I just put [profile] mrs__smith 's recipe for chicken a la slacker in the crockpot. :)  One chicken on sale for $.79/lb plus a cheap $1 bottle of italian dressing.  Let's see what happens! :)

In solidarity with [personal profile] geobabe1, I found a crock pot liner in my pantry and used it. Water conservation FTW!
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I'm sitting at the kitchen table with the window open to the backyard so I can enjoy the birds chirping. (We have a pair of cardinals that are beebopping around the back porch.)  All of the sudden, they take off.

I hear something moving through the leaves on the ground. I assume it's a rabbit or a chipmunk. No, it's another coyote. This one is a beautiful grey with a lighter face. (The previous coyote from a couple of months ago was grey and orange.)  He's just following the creek bed, sniffing for food and taking a small drink.

Sabine (the fuzzball in my icon) is sitting on the windowsill. She fluffs up her fur to make herself look big and fierce.  I shush her to stop growling.  A minute or so later, the coyote moves out of our yard and down the creek.

I'm thankful the kids are still napping, so I could enjoy this moment.


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