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So far, Amelia has been engaged in a war of testing boundaries. I think it's typical for a six-year-old who has had one of her major foundations taken away. It's one of the ways she's showing me she is sad and angry that things are Not Right. We are talking about the right way to show our emotions, and when that fails, she's spending a lot of time in her room thinking about her behavior. Katie is reacting in a much more straightforward manner - with tears and occasional outbursts. I can handle that. We talk and cuddle.

I send them outside to run and play when the weather is nice. When it isn't, I do art projects with them, I read, and sometimes, I just put on a video. I'm tired.

He's working 12 hour days over there, and the time difference is 10.5 hours (I KNOW! Crazy.). We've been Skype-ing, but it's usually during the hours when the kids are at school or asleep. I have hopes that he'll be able to talk to them during the weekend.

Oh! Wednesday, we had a lice scare with Amelia. I NEEDED THAT. It turns out she has dandruff. First time in my life I was thrilled for one of my kids to add on another skin condition. By the time we got into the doctor, I'd already filled up 8 garbage bags full of stuffed animals and clothing to quarantine. If it turned out she did have it, I was going to board the animals, buy the lice killing shampoo, and book a hotel near the beach for the rest of the two weeks Tom was going to be gone. You know, my cup of cope is empty.

I've been booking lots of playdates and doing all of the school events that we can to keep the kids on the go. Busy kids are less whiny about their daddy. Of course, I'm freaking exhausted. The fourteenth cannot get here soon enough.

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Happy birthday to my beloved husband. For eight months, he's older than me again. :)

I guess I have to get cracking and go wrap gifts for him!
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I truly love you more today than I did the day I married you.

2008 was rough, with the passing of my mother and the migraines that ate all of the summer, but you buoyed me up with grace and kindness. I hope I've done the same for you with your mother's health scares over the last several months.

You were scared about being a good father, but you constantly surprise me with the level of dedication and humor you bring to the gig.

Thank you for finding me in Dallas.
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Instead of buying the girls yet more stuff,on Saturday, we all went to the Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey Circus for their birthday.  We had 11:00 AM tickets so we were out of the house by 9:15 in order to get on MARTA for the train ride down to Phipps Arena. We take public transit whenever possible, because the girls love it, and Tom and I hate to pay the ridiculous parking fees.  Amelia made friends on the train with an adorable boy named Caleb, and they played "Space Adventurers" on the way down.  

She was saddened when we did not have seats right next to his in this arena. Alas, life is cruel.  We cheered her up with a giant $7 box of popcorn and her own bottle of water. Seriously, this thing came up to Katie's shoulder. That didn't stop Katie from eating almost all of hers. :) 

The kids loved the circus. It was really "over the top" (this year's theme), and you can tell that they are competing with Cirque de Soleil.  They had some Cirque-influenced parts that were quite lovely. Oddly enough, they had a "Pump It Up" part where they played rave music and had acrobats wearing latex costumes that would have fit in at the Chamber 10 years ago. I was laughing and boogeying in my seat. :) 

They had all of the classic circus parts that Tom and I remembered and loved from our childhoods, such as dogs catching frisbees, tiger taming, horses, silly rude clowns, and so own.  It was wonderful to show the children the circus for the first time and see them be blown away, as well as to re-experience it as an adult.

Getting the kids out of the arena and back home on the train was tiring. I saw some unpleasantness which I detailed on Facebook. I contacted security when we got back to North Springs and they took care of it quickly. Luckily, neither kid saw it, and that's what matters.

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Less than 48 hours after being discharged from the hospital, Tom's mother is back in the hospital with the same symptoms. Last go-round, the GI doctor had found a few internal sites of bleeding between the stomach and small intestine and cauterized them. She was discharged a day or two later feeling much better with her hemoglobin levels rising significantly.

We are all just a bit stressed.

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Tom's mother is in the hospital right now in Sioux Falls. She passed out at a wedding this afternoon, was treated at her local hospital, and transferred to a Sioux Falls hospital for additional testing. She's talked to all of her children on the phone, but this could be quite serious. The closest child lives 872 miles from her. (When she retired, she moved back to her childhood town.)

Tom's mother survived breast cancer almost a decade ago and colon cancer four years ago. She's in her seventies, but she's quite active with daily walks and as much tennis as she can fit in with living in the Dakotas in the winter.

We're all very concerned. All of Tom's siblings have been burning up the phone lines this evening. Her blood sugar is elevated (which is something that she has never had a problem with), and her hemoglobin count is low.  She was rather ill on her birthday 2 weeks ago, which may have led to this, but I'm spitballing here.

I had a temporary dental crown put on this morning, which I thought was going to be the worst part of the day. Little did I know!

Day 4

Dec. 30th, 2008 10:29 pm
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Tom had to go to the dermatologist today for a very mysterious quick-developing ear thingie.  I noticed it about 2 weeks ago, and asked him about it last week. It grew rapidly and it was hard as a rock. Tom saw his regular doctor on the 26th who said, "Hrm, that's interesting. Go see Dermatology, and tell your wife to stop poking at it."

Since it was a "We have a suspicious lump" referral, they got him in quickly. The dermatologist is confident it's just a cyst, but she biopsied it just in case.  He's got a bandage on it til tomorrow, but the Ear Thingie O' Doom is gone!

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The Easter Loot
With the stressful couple of weeks we've had, Tom and I have just not had the energy to do a big Easter. In addition, today's our sixth wedding anniversary, and we've agreed to postpone it until next week. We're hoping to get a sitter for next weekend so we can go out and have a few hours together without the kids.

The kids were happy with the Easter bunny bringing them rain boots and rain coats (Katie received giraffe and Amelia received butterflies) and baskets filled with outdoorsy toys like kites and racquets.  Hopefully, we'll get enough rain this Spring to make the rain gear a good investment. :)

The Dinner Debacle or Who In the Heck Replaced My Nice Daughter with Little Miss Sassypants
I made yellow rice and chicken for dinner, and the last stage of it requires it to be baked in the dinner in a covered dutch oven. I placed it in the oven, and when I shut the oven door, the lid was knocked askew. Therefore, the rice part of the dinner was all wrong, since the water evaporated too quickly. (This is the way the month has been going.)  Luckily, there is always Chinese delivery. :)  (I did try to recover the dish by adding water and putting it back in the heated oven for 15 minutes, but it was gummy.  At that point, it was only fit to put in the garbage.)

The food arrived quickly, and we all dug in. Amelia said, "Mommy, I like this chicken and rice much better than the chicken and rice you were making." Tom and I both stared at her in stunned disbelief. I am proud that neither of us picked her up by her eyelashes. This weekend, Amelia has been Little Miss Sassypants. I think she's suffering from a prolonged case of being four. She's got a bit of a cold, but that doesn't excuse her for acting like a little brat.  

In Summary:
1. Happy anniversary, Tom!
2. Amelia, you're on thin ice.
3. WTF, I mess up a dish I can make up in my sleep?
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Sabine had a good night at the vet hospital. She charmed the staff and had them all giving her lots of petting and under-the-chin scritches. She's not eating well, but she is a bit more active, which is good.

The girls and I went by to visit her and try to get her to eat. Unfortunately, Katie has this nasty habit of being two. While holding both girls up so they could both pet her at the same time (taking turns was just beyond their abilities at that moment - Amelia is getting sick right now - BECAUSE THINGS ARE GOING SO SMOOTHLY RIGHT NOW), I wasn't able to block Sabine from jumping out of the cage, so she jumped out and her IV came out and there was blood and alarms went off. That caused Amelia to start crying, Katie to run out of the room screaming, and the poor veterinary assistants who were trying to perform a procedure at the same time to just look at me to take control of the situation to say, "Ma'am, could you control your children?" I asked one of them to grab the cat, I grabbed Amelia, took off after Katie who was running down the hallway that was full of opened boxes of medical equipment, and exited the hospital space. I went to the front desk, and told them that I failed in my intended purpose of trying to calm Sabine down and get her to eat. I'd actually worsened the situation.

I offered to take the girls to a restaurant to get lunch, but Amelia was just coughing in the back seat, and all she wanted was french fries with "holes in them" (read: Chick-Fil-A fries). I picked up lunch, but she refused food. She doesn't have a runny nose or anything - she's just got general malaise and a random cough. It's like she's emo and sluggish. It's like she's got a case of the Cure or whatever the new depressive bands are. :)

Tom's going to stop by the vet on the way home from work. Since he'll not have elements of chaos with him, hopefully he'll have better luck at bringing peace with him.

During naptime this afternoon, I embraced the sheer frustration and WTF-ness of everything right now: I baked cookies. They're not the best cookies I ever baked, but they are tasty. Tom's having a crappy week at work, but his day improved 10,000% when I informed him of the cookies awaiting him when he comes home.
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Today's traffic is epically bad. A bad storm front rolled through Atlanta before dawn, and we lost power. The sound of various UPSs beeping woke us up, so Tom went ahead and showered. He left the house at 7:30. All of the alternate routes he could take to work were blocked by downed trees or power lines. 2 hours later, he's still trying to get to the office. It's a 15 mile drive between here and his office in the Cumberland/Marietta area.

I used to work in the office building he works in now. Once a year or so, weather conditions or some random freak coincidence would make traffic horrifically bad. One day, a truck full of frozen pork jack-knifing on I-75 turned my 45 minute commute into a 2.5 hour horrorshow. One coworker had his 20 mile commute take 4 hours that day. Gah!
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Happy birthday to my favorite person in the entire world: [profile] zathrus1.  I love this man so very much. I can't believe I got this lucky in life. :)

He's currently wandering around Lowe's or Best Buy right now while the girls nap. He deserves the out-and-about alone time. He's had to spend a good chunk of the day dealing with the kids since I've had a migraine since last night.

Right now, I'm just feeling puny, which is an improvement. I feel decent enough that  I'm making bread to go with tonight's fried chicken dinner.

EDIT: It helps to remember the yeast when making bread. *thwap*
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Tom took today off of work so we could have a long family weekend. His birthday is Sunday, and we want to make it as relaxed as possible. We have precious few plans for the 3 days, and we took care of most of them today.

He let me sleep in until 9, then we all got ready to head out to Gwinnett. We were stymied in our attempt to shop at a playground store, due to their infernal holiday hours *shakes fist*.  Our big gift for the girls' birthdays is to build a playset for them, and we want to hit a few stores to compare the products out there. I pray we can find one we like that can be installed by the professionals. Tom can and would do it, but I'd rather pay more to have the time with him.

We headed to Discover Mills for lunch and to buy Katie some shoes. Katie now has a pair of sneakers and a pair of stompy boots (with a pink butterfly on the side). She was happily industrial dance/stomping in Stride Rite! *happy sigh*  Amelia kept asking for new shoes, but we reminded her she's got new ones waiting at home for her little foot to grow more.

Tom and I have an unexplainable love for Hibachi San, so we enjoyed lunch there while the girls played with their food. Tom and Amelia went on the carousel, while I browsed through Carters for pajamas for the gals. Katie was annoyingly playing hide-and-seek the entire time we were there, so we cut the shopping short after Carters. We kept them awake throughout the dreary, foggy drive back home.

Everyone tucked in for a nice afternoon nap, and we had a quiet night around the house. We just finished watching the last bit of the SciFi miniseries Tin Man.  Tom and I thought it was well done. The ending was a bit eh, but it didn't diminish the 6 hours of enjoyment.

Tomorrow, I need to bake Tom's birthday cake and maybe get balloons.  Amelia insists a birthday needs balloons, and I don't disagree. :)  I'll also soak chicken in buttermilk to make his favorite dinner on Sunday, fried chicken. :)
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Katie was up and down all night last night. She's not acting sick in any other way, so I'll just assume she hates us. :)

Amelia's still getting ill on a daily basis. She now seems to hate the taste of the liquid albuterol so much that she instantly pukes. :/ I've got a call into the doctor, because the albuterol calms down her coughing to the point she can sleep.

I'm fighting a sinus infection right now. I'm trying to neti pot it out of existence. I must remember to dissolve the salt fully before using it, because YOUCH.

Tom is in a hell week at work. He's getting a lot done but the hours are long. I feel bad that Katie woke up so much, because he got a very bad night's sleep.
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This morning, I was rushing the kids out of the house to get Amelia to preschool on time. I stopped and smiled when I noticed that Tom had taken the time to scrape my windshield clear of frost before he left for work.

If that's not love, I don't know what is.
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This morning was picture day at Amelia's preschool. I was hoping to have a good night's sleep so I could be zen mommy while getting her dressed and coaxing her hair into a straight part. (Ladies, I have never had straight hair. I am learning this stuff on the fly!)

Katie woke up every 2 hours or so throughout the night, and was up for good at 4 A.M..  I turned on something (I hope it was child appropriate. Otherwise, porn is sounding a lot like the Higglytown Heroes.) and let her wander the bedroom while I fitfully dozed. She did not appreciate this. She pushed a full bin of Duplo blocks into my bedroom and proceeded to crash them together right next to my ear. EVIL.

Amelia woke up at her normal 6:15.  She crawled into bed next to me and talked nicely to me.  At 7, I jumped in the shower. Katie followed me into the bathroom and proceeded to scream at the shower door while I quickly cleaned up.

We finally got out of the house and dropped off Ms. A. Katie conked out in the car, and I overcame my urge to crank up some Ministry to keep her awake like she did me. ;)  I did manage to hit Joann's and Michael's to pick up various craft bits.  I'm the "Craft Mom" for the Halloween party at the preschool.  Whee?!

The rain picked up right as I hit the Spurill Green Market in Dunwoody. There was an extra CSA box available, so I grabbed it. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I don't recognize all of the produce I purchased. I know that I have basil, Swiss Chard, arugula, and radishes in there, but there is another bunch or two of greens that I just don't grok in their natural form. I may have to post pictures tomorrow morning and have you all help me!

Everyone got a good nap in this afternoon.  I was planning on trying to do stuff while the girls were asleep, but my body made it very clear to me that the best option was Sleep Now.

Tonight's gourmet meal was spaghetti with Prego Organic Tomato and Basil sauce. I'm so ashamed - I didn't even doctor it up.  I always doctor it!  However, the girls ate it happily, and Amelia asked for seconds. That's one of the few meals we've had since Tom was gone that the girls actually ate. (Spaghetti is one of their faves, so they're getting it more often than I would normally serve it.)

While I was collecting the garbage and changing cat litter boxes, my back twinged. I promptly stopped what I was doing and took medication. I don't mess around with back pain.

3 more sleeps until Tom will be back! 
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Thanks to [personal profile] lemon_says and [profile] mrs__smith for inviting us to their Friday morning playgroup. The girls had so much fun, and it was nice to talk with other adults. :D  Katie showed off her independence and lack of fear, while Amelia ran around and really had a blast.

On our way home, the girls fell asleep in the car which FUBARed any real nap happening in the afternoon. Oh, well. I picked up lunch with Milkshakes! from Steak and Shake for us. We were in a great but under-slept mood after that.

We spent the afternoon puttering about the house, then a lick of grocery shopping. Katie completely melted down at the end of the shopping trip, but it had been a long day.  I prepared spaghetti with jarred sauce, completely unembelished. I feel zero guilt about this.

Poor Katie - she kept waking up last night. I was woken up 6 times by her throughout the night, then Amelia the early bird came into my room at 6:25. She let me doze on and off til 8:30, so I rewarded her with pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

I think Katie's room got much colder last night than I thought. She woke up this morning with a slightly purple cast to her lips. Tonight, I'll actually put on the heat upstairs. (It's been getting down into the high 40s at night, and the house doesn't get colder than 65 right now. However, if I'm freezing poor Katie at night, I'll gladly put the heat on.

Tom called at 10 this morning from outside the British Parliament. I'm glad he's getting to see the sights. He's been working hard, and being away from everyone has to be hard. I'm sure he enjoyed the first couple of nights of being able to sleep and eat without two children, but that passes.

14 days until he's home. I miss him palpably. We've found our groove here without him, but it's like my heart is missing.  


Oct. 11th, 2007 08:48 am
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Tom has been away for five days now, and I'm missing him something fierce. Besides having my best friend by my side, it's hard to keep everything running while A constantly asks/whines where Daddy is. She'll tell anyone who listens that Daddy is in London, China (She heard us discussing a Chinese restaurant a couple of weeks ago, and she's convinced Tom is in China).  However, she keeps asking me where he is.  I understand the why of it, but it does grate after a while.

The evenings are especially hard. I didn't realize how much I would miss eating with another adult. The kids don't really appreciate cooking, so I have a hard time getting in the mood.  While Tom's gone, I think I'll keep going with simpler meals.  I see a lot of spaghetti in my future.

Once I've run the dinner/bath/book/bed marathon, I come back downstairs to a little too much quiet. Oh, yeah, a wrecked house is also waiting for me. So by the time I have a few minutes of me time, then I spend an hour cleaning up. Then I just zombify on the couch for a bit.

I hope to get to the Y this morning and maybe, just maybe, get in 20 minutes of work out time. Amelia has her OT appointment this afternoon, then I think we'll hit a fine dining establishment with a play place. :D

Friday is going to be rough - no preschool, due to a teacher's workday. Amelia will be missing school, so I'll have to figure out something to do. Currently, I'm going to try to go to the Y in the morning with the girls, and hit a park in the afternoon.

The weekend is wide open. I should reach out to one of my friends who have told me to call them, damn it, to do something. I've just been in a funk since Tom left, and I can't quite snap out of it. I'm cattywampus.  There are oodles of fall festivals going on, but the idea of taking them out to a big thing like that is overwhelming. Amelia will want to check out every potty within a 5 mile radius, and Katie is a Runner.  It's easier to take them to confined areas versus trying to run in two directions at all times.

 I can't believe it's only the 11th. The 27th is too far away. I have no idea how single parents do it.
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Yesterday was rough. For those of you who read my 47 posts about it, you already know. :)

I put the girls down at 8:15 P.M.. Katie fell asleep immediately. Amelia stayed up until almost 11. As long as she stayed in her room, whatever.  I watched Heroes and cleaned the kitchen. I should have folded laundry, but I was unspeakably spent.  I had a nice long shower and read a bit of Plenty:One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally . It's an interesting read, but it's a not something I can see doing for us right now.

So far, we've already talked to Tom and my dad. My dad figured I could use the friendly call. Tom calls us every morning at roughly 8 A.M., so he can talk to both Amelia and me. In addition, his office allows people to call home (briefly) from the office they are in while traveling. It works out well - he calls us before they head out for a late lunch, and we can be sure to be home to hear from him.

Today's an exciting day of gymnastics for Amelia in 35 minutes (oh, yeah, we're going to be late), and Katie's 18-month well-baby visit this afternoon. I can't believe she's so big - the time has flown by. Her temperament has been that of an 18-month old for the last, oh, 5 months. :D
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I slept quite poorly last night. I had grand plans to get lots of little things done around the house.  Heh.

I ended up ordering pizza for last night's dinner. I just couldn't get into cooking. The kids are annoyed with me that I besmirched the pizza with veggies. They responded by eating around the veggies.  Oh, well. More for me for lunches. :)

Bath and bed time wasn't too bad. Amelia asked a few times where T was, but remembered when I told her he was on a business trip.I only had to go upstairs one time after they were "down" to attend to their needs ("I want more water", "I want another story", "Are you going on a business trip?")

Once they were down, it felt like my oomph dissipated. I did manage to get the dishwasher loaded, counters cleaned, and went through our mail mountain. I kept meaning to go to sleep, but the idea of going upstairs and getting into an empty bed was just disheartening. I kept checking in on the Delta website until his flight landed.  It helped me feel better.

I finally went upstairs at 2, but I couldn't fall asleep until almost 3 A.M.. Amelia woke up at her normal 6:30, so I tucked her into bed next to me and put on the dulcet tones of PBS.  If you think I'm a bad mom for that, you should my other tricks. :)

We'll get motivated here in the house soon. Amelia has preschool, and Katie and I will find something to do. I'm not going to sleep while they nap this afternoon, because my sleep schedule has been wonky for a week. I've been pretty anxious.

Tom called about 20 minutes ago.  The poor guy is zombified; he only got a few hours of sleep on the plane. He's at the office, and the others that went on the trip are all in the same condition. He took his narcolepsy medication, but his exhaustion is overriding the effects of the medication. I hate that he feels so wonky. He's so concerned about people looking down on him for his condition. :(
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Tom's flight leaves in an hour. Thanks to Delta, I can watch his flight progress online, which is nifty and allows me to feel closer to him in some way.  I've had a very hard time sleeping in the last week, so I appreciate Tom letting me sleep in until 10 both mornings.  We've spent the weekend just trying to be together and not focusing on the fact that he's going to be away. Last night, he read Amelia a book about a daddy going away on a business trip. My eyes kept leaking while he read it to her.

I should have gone out for a haircut and a pedicure while I had the chance this weekend, but I wanted to just be with him. I did go away for a workout at the Y (10 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes recumbent bike, 10 minutes swimming).  I got to use the showers there so I didn't stink up my car too badly. ;)

I've made the calendar so Amelia can see how many days until he returns.  I'd take a picture of it, but Tom took the digital camera with him to London. I plan on purchasing another this week, so I can keep myself busy taking photos of the girls.  I'm going to aim for a camera in the $150 range, which won't be fabulous, but it'll probably do just fine.

I'm not really into talking on the phone today. So if you call, don't take it personally if I don't answer. I'm just trying to keep myself upbeat for the girls, and I fear that a question like "How are you holding up?" would cause my eyes to overflow a bit.

I just put a batch of apple-cinnamon muffins in the oven.  It's my first time baking them with this recipe, so I hope they're yummy.  (I used some of the apples from the peck we picked last weekend.)  The word "peck" is awfully amusing to me. ;)


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