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Sabine was just too sick. Tom and I spent a long time talking with the vet, and we made the decision that she was ready to go.  She was the sweetest cat, and we will miss her greatly. She allowed the children to practice petting "gently". She read my moods, and always snuggled up against me for naps.

We all went over to the Cat Clinic this evening. They handled us so kindly. Tom watched the kids while I held Sabine as they injected her.  We grabbed some food on the way home, ate dinner in the backyard (there's a picnic table built into the swingset), then the kids frolicked while we buried Sabine.  Sabine has a nice plot near the creek in the backyard. It is sunny and warm. 

I answered Amelia's questions about Sabine as honestly as possible. I explained that Sabine was old and sick. I told her that she died and went to Heaven. After the kids went to bed, I sent a quick email off to Amelia's preschool teacher so she wouldn't be blindsided tomorrow morning with "What's death?" before she's had her second cup of coffee. That's just asking for bad juju. :)

Thank you for the kind words over the last couple of weeks. Tom and I are just so spent. We're going to head upstairs in a few minutes and just crawl into bed. We're done.
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Mom has finally been discharged from the hospital. She's at the hospice house for a few days, until health care is arranged for her at the house. Her MRSA is raging, and she needs twice daily IV antibiotic feeds. (Quick, everyone!  Panic!  MRSA!)

In addition, Sabine is back at the vet. She had stopped bathing over the last few days, we could not keep her feeding consistently, and she was just following me around the house and sleeping. So we had a stinky, unhappy cat stalking me.  I tried forcing her to bathe by spraying her with a water bottle (recommended by her vet!), but she'd just stare at me like "Mom!  I'm not doing anything wrong!  Why are you spraying me?" She wouldn't lick the water off her coat. So I'd have a wet, stinky cat staring at me, following me. Then she'd sit in a warm window and get hot...so it would become a hot, wet, stinky cat following me around, stalking me.

We were following all of the vet recommendations.  We were giving her twice daily oral medications for her oral ulcers (because of the kidney failure - metabolic acidosis) plus daily subcutaneous dialysis.  All of the cats were switched to a full wet food diet. She's getting a full blood work-up today.  We'll see what the story is,.
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Tom brought Sabine home during lunch. The other cats are hissing at her since she smells different, but otherwise, life is getting back to normal.

Thanks to everyone for listening to me go on about my cat. :)
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Sabine had a good night at the vet hospital. She charmed the staff and had them all giving her lots of petting and under-the-chin scritches. She's not eating well, but she is a bit more active, which is good.

The girls and I went by to visit her and try to get her to eat. Unfortunately, Katie has this nasty habit of being two. While holding both girls up so they could both pet her at the same time (taking turns was just beyond their abilities at that moment - Amelia is getting sick right now - BECAUSE THINGS ARE GOING SO SMOOTHLY RIGHT NOW), I wasn't able to block Sabine from jumping out of the cage, so she jumped out and her IV came out and there was blood and alarms went off. That caused Amelia to start crying, Katie to run out of the room screaming, and the poor veterinary assistants who were trying to perform a procedure at the same time to just look at me to take control of the situation to say, "Ma'am, could you control your children?" I asked one of them to grab the cat, I grabbed Amelia, took off after Katie who was running down the hallway that was full of opened boxes of medical equipment, and exited the hospital space. I went to the front desk, and told them that I failed in my intended purpose of trying to calm Sabine down and get her to eat. I'd actually worsened the situation.

I offered to take the girls to a restaurant to get lunch, but Amelia was just coughing in the back seat, and all she wanted was french fries with "holes in them" (read: Chick-Fil-A fries). I picked up lunch, but she refused food. She doesn't have a runny nose or anything - she's just got general malaise and a random cough. It's like she's emo and sluggish. It's like she's got a case of the Cure or whatever the new depressive bands are. :)

Tom's going to stop by the vet on the way home from work. Since he'll not have elements of chaos with him, hopefully he'll have better luck at bringing peace with him.

During naptime this afternoon, I embraced the sheer frustration and WTF-ness of everything right now: I baked cookies. They're not the best cookies I ever baked, but they are tasty. Tom's having a crappy week at work, but his day improved 10,000% when I informed him of the cookies awaiting him when he comes home.
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Sabine continued to weaken today. I made an appointment with our vet, the universally beloved Cat Clinic of Roswell. (Oh, fine. I guess if you don't like cats, you won't like the place, [personal profile] lemon_says.) 

The girls, Sabine, and I headed there 30 minutes before our appointment and they worked us in early. Sabine had dropped down to 4.8 pounds. She has developed renal insufficiency - the vet didn't feel it is quite renal failure. She is hospitalized getting IV diuresis.for 36-48 hours to get her BUN and creatinine levels normalized, and we'll be able to bring her home.

She was in very, very rough shape. She had stopped bathing, she wasn't eating, and I had to carry her up the stairs. I was worried this afternoon that she had gone to find that dark, quiet spot to die. I spent 20 minutes looking in nooks and crannies. When I found her, covered in dust and cobwebs, she was barely able to mewl.  I had to encourage her to drink. She didn't want to eat wet food. This is a cat that two weeks ago would run from two floors away at the sound of a can being opened to get wet food.

I'm focusing on the positive. I know she'll get through the next two days. She'll come home, we'll learn how to give her at home subcutaneous injections to control her condition. She's been with me for 12 years, living with me in 3 states, and we've got more years to go.


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