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We're enforcing a new rule in the house: If you're whining, go in the other room.

When Amelia starts whining, either Tom or I will say, "You're whining, go in the other room."  She runs out of the room. In a minute, we hear, "But I don't want to be in the other room!"  Our response: "Stop whining."

She does.


The last week has been better for whining because a) it's not right in our faces and b) it's slowly extinguishing the behavior. We had previously told her to stop whining, but she didn't get enough negative reinforcement. Removing her from the fun of the moment is really working. :)
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There are many cool things about staying home with the girls.

Amelia has started playing with dolls. She likes to take one of her dolls (a small plastic Dora) and "take her to the beach."  She makes up stories about what we are doing at the beach, and Dora just "helped" us do laundry. (Amelia put a sock on Dora and tossed the sock into the dryer.)

This is so cool. I love seeing this gorgeous imagination explode. For instance, our front room/play room became a circus yesterday. Amelia and Katie set up an obstacle course over the couches, through a tunnel, and over four pillows. Why that was a circus, I don't know. It just was. :)  Today, Amelia "picked up" the whole circus and took it to Kroger with us. She showed her "circus" to a cashier, who claimed to love it. In addition, she asked everyone we saw what his/her name was, what he/she did, and told him/her all of our names and ages.

It took us a while to get out of the grocery store, but I loved it. :D  


Aug. 5th, 2007 09:41 am
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Tom and Amelia are heading out for a daddy-daughter date in a few minutes.  He's taking her to see Ratatouille. She "earned" this treat, since she's gone #2 in the potty 4 times this week. (We've set up a variety of treats that she earns. So far, she's earned an ice cream outing, a Dora book, and now the movie. Next time will be a Diego book (for 5 times). 

This will be Amelia's first movie out, so I have a touch of worry. However, she's so excited about being alone with Daddy! Eating Popcorn!

I'll share the results later today. :)

EDIT: They just left!
YET ANOTHER EDIT: Just to be clear, she doesn't get a huge treat every time. She has to go another 5 times, then she gets the book. :)
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So begins the True Potty Training. We have a stockpile of Dora and Curious George panties and a weekend with no commitments.
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Just got back from taking the girls to walk around the big duck pond at Roswell Area Park. Katie really enjoyed it, as did Amelia. I told Amelia that we were going to the park just to walk the pond and feed the ducks. She was good until she realized that meant no playground. She threw a big old fit. :(

I didn't think I properly appreciated how much parenting is doing what you can for the kids and having it be not enough (to their immature brains). As adults, we already know that when someone says "we'll do X and Y," X and Y is it. You shouldn't expect Z or pitch a fit because Z didn't occur. Kids don't know that yet. I know it's my job to help them learn self-control and maturity. It's just a rocky road at times.

Tom felt the sting this weekend by involving Amelia in all of his outdoor work. This slowed him down immeasurably, but it is important for her to feel loved and get lots of Daddy time. However, she would get uppity when he would stop her from throwing rocks into the stream or throwing her soccer ball against the house. He felt sad because he's doing this for her, yet she can't (and shouldn't) get it yet.

I know this is natural. I just wanted to get your thoughts. How do you buck up inside when they react with "MORE MORE MORE!"?


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