Aug. 5th, 2007 09:41 am
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Tom and Amelia are heading out for a daddy-daughter date in a few minutes.  He's taking her to see Ratatouille. She "earned" this treat, since she's gone #2 in the potty 4 times this week. (We've set up a variety of treats that she earns. So far, she's earned an ice cream outing, a Dora book, and now the movie. Next time will be a Diego book (for 5 times). 

This will be Amelia's first movie out, so I have a touch of worry. However, she's so excited about being alone with Daddy! Eating Popcorn!

I'll share the results later today. :)

EDIT: They just left!
YET ANOTHER EDIT: Just to be clear, she doesn't get a huge treat every time. She has to go another 5 times, then she gets the book. :)
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- We hit the library for books. Amelia loves going there, which makes me squee.
- Went to the doctor since the sinus infection of the damned returned. I had an x-ray, which was unexpected. The visit took 2 hours, and the girls didn't explode. I was proud of them. The liberal application of snacks and silly songs helped.
-Tom's sister offered to watch the kids (it happens rarely, so we jump on it).
-It was a race to get home from the doctor's office, get the girls ready to go to their aunt's, and get to their aunt's in time to catch the 7 showing of Spiderman 3. We were successful, although we had dinner at the theater.

-We had [livejournal.com profile] eloren and her family over for dinner. The kids frolicked and the adults had time to sit down and relax. I enjoy their friendship so much!
-Tom started feeling off after they left, so I made him promise he'd go to the doctor the next day. (He has been dealing with a nagging cough for the last month, so it was a win for me that I finally got him to the doctor.)

-I packed him off to the doctor while I played with the kids. He came home with a diagnosis of a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection. (Always upstaging me! Harrumph!)
-Once he returned, we spent the day vegging out at home and playing outside.
- The girls were put to bed at a normal hour (unlike Friday and Saturday), and we had couple time. Tom got grumpy gaming later in the evening, so I just read while he grumped. :)


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