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You know you're a parent when attending a dental appointment alone is a relaxing event. Thursday afternoon, Tom stayed home with the girls while I went in for a cleaning. After the dentist, I hit up a local nail shop and indulged in a spa pedicure. *wiggles pretty toes*

Tom and I spent a few hours today repotting all of our plants and transferring my pepper and tomato seedlings into big pots. However, we're going to need to run out again to pick up some mulch for the plants (this will make visit #2 for Pike's, while Tom already hit Home Depot earlier).

Tomorrow will be more relaxing. We're meeting up with various friends to romp through the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Steak on a Stake shall be mine!
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She's pretty amazing. She says four words ("no", "hi", "mama", and "dada"), sometimes in context! She's sick right now, but otherwise, she's a happy baby. She truly loves to nap with one of us, and her face lights up whenever she sees her big sister. Her favorite foods are my milk and Yobaby yogurt. Girl loves her dairy :D

My life is so much different than I ever imagined it being. It's so much better.


Jan. 5th, 2007 07:56 am
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Wednesday was Katie's 9 month well-baby visit. She's 19 lbs 8 oz (25-50%) and 27.75 inches long (50%). The doctor was impressed with how you are blowing through milestones - you're standing and creeping, and you've been known to take a step or two while holding onto your Winnie the Pooh push toy.

By the way, the doctors are crazy. They required a blood test for Vitamin D and iron levels. Do you know that it takes 2 phlebotomists and 1 mommy to hold her down while they search for a vein in her perfectly chubby elbow? Now I do.

She is smart and funny and definitely her own little person. She is not a good sleeper, but we'll deal with that. She prefers to be in my arms or within a few feet of me, but I know that will pass. I hope. Because Mommy would really like to go to the bathroom on her own again.

I am most sorry for all the head trauma she accumulates. Whether it is from the occasional couch dive or falling flat on her back when creeping, I am so sorry that advanced calculus may not be in her future. Oh, as for Amelia jumping on the bed and landing on Katie while we were in the hotel room in Tampa? That was a shining moment of parenthood.
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Last night was all about the drama of Mom's decline: http://heathrow.livejournal.com/323437.html

This morning has been full of kneecapping. Katie's been running a fever from this cold off and on for a couple of days. Tylenol takes it down, so we aren't insanely worried. However, she wanted my attention this morning. She yakked on me while nursing. She pulled off, looked at me, then went kablooeey. Luckily, Tom hadn't left the house yet, so he grabbed a few towels while I took a moment to feel good and sorry for myself.

About 45 minutes ago, Amelia decided to do crafts by herself. She found a full bottle of Elmer's Glue and unscrewed the top to the bottle. She dumped it all over a reindeer craft she made yesterday (triangle head, pompom nose, cut outs of her hands for antlers). I was grumpy as I mopped up an entire bottle of glue from the kitchen table, which is often overrun with mail, packages, etc. Luckily, the only injuries were the reindeer, a couple of sheets of mailing labels, and my recent printout of my mailing address spreadsheet (I hadn't put the updates into Google Spreadsheets yet).

Ah, well. I think we need to go to the park ASAP before I manage to set fire to the house while doing laundry.

EDIT: We're too close to nap time with an overwrought kiddo. If we were to go now, it would become an epic battle to get her to leave. I think we'll both be better equipped for it this afternoon.


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