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I registered Amelia for kindergarten yesterday. *sniff*  I brought all 58 thousand pieces of required information, and I didn't break down into tears. I expect that will occur at next week's Kindergarten Roundup, where the parents and children will be given a tour of the school, go through the cafeteria line for a special treat, and students will get to hear a story in our media center. (Hrm. Must find alternate childcare for K. Woo.)

As for the goblin eating my brain, it's still here. The neurologist upped the dosage on prednisone to 60 mg per day on Tuesday night. I started taking it Wednesday. I had an allergic reaction Wednesday afternoon, where my tongue went numb, my lips and throat were swollen, and I had a trip to Northside Hospital. Considering Predinisone is one of those meds they give you when you have an allergic reaction (whee!), they gave me even more Benadryl (I took one immediately upon noticing the reaction) and Dilaudid, Reglan, and Prevacid (which helps with allergic reactions).

Tom's sister picked up the kids so they wouldn't lick anyone with swine flu while we waited 30 to 45 minutes between every single thing to be done at the hospital (having a nurse look at me, having the doctor look at me, having my throat x-rayed, having the nurse give me the damned drugs already, having the doctor look at the x-rays, having me discharged). We managed to watch most of the Presidential press conference and Lost at the hospital. The kids were thrilled to eat McDonalds for dinner at the hospital and get time with their aunt and uncle.

I have an appointment with the neurologist on Tuesday. No, I'm not taking any more of the megadose of prednisone. I had a massage yesterday which felt good even though I got a bonus dose of hand-fluttery Reiki above me. I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best. (I paid for NMT.)

While the kids were in preschool today, I did a whole lot of nothing. I read my book (The Friday Night Knitting Club), I drank an overpriced coffee, I did a quick medical appointment (a thryoid ultrasound - took 15 minutes), returned some clothing to Target, and listened to a bunch of NPR podcasts.  There was a whole lot of me time in there. I'm trying to bank this up since summer is coming. :) 

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I'm back home from a trip to Kaiser's urgent care facility. Today is day 11 of the Migraine o' Doom, and I'd really like it to go away now. We packed up the family and a bag full of books and activities for the kids.  I explained to the nice doctor and nurses that I was following my neurologist's orders and trying the prednisone first, but now I'm really done. They agreed I'd suffered long enough, and would I like the Demerol shot now?

Yes, thank you.

The pain is less now. I hope it doesn't come back. If it does, I'll call the neuro again on Monday and try something else. This migraine   feels like a band of steel squeezing around my temples.  It has set up camp in my brain and doesn't want to let go.   The doctor came back to the room to check on me twenty minutes after the shot and was surprised I wasn't the least bit sleepy. Nope - just still in pain. Woo.

This migraine didn't stop us from going out yesterday and having a lovely time at the Renaissance festival though. I just loaded up on meds before we left and bought myself 6 hours of relative okay time.  It was nice to see friends.  

I hope I don't hurt tomorrow.
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Man, the air is awful here in Atlanta - we've had code red smog alerts.. Everyone (except Katie) has an awful cough right now.   I think the 9 day long migraine I'm on has something to do with it. I'm quite over it. (I generally don't talk about the migraines, because it's boring to talk about and boring for you all to read about.)

This is the first month where I'm scared that I'm going to run out of migraine meds before I can get my refill. It's freaking me out. I'm currently finishing up a course of prednisone to break this migraine cycle (which is failing utterly) and the neurologist called in some muscle relaxers. I'm not sure how that's going to work. I don't feel comfortable taking them until the afternoon when I can be sure I won't have to go out until Tom gets home.

Anyways... Amelia's swim lessons didn't turn out as well as we hoped. She was fine as long as she could feel the bottom of the pool, but holding onto the side of the pool was too scary (no sensory input on the bottom of her feet). We tried doing deep compression on her body before lessons and having the coaches hold her between her turns kicking and blowing bubbles in the water. She'd still get scared during her turns. So we'll just take some time taking her to the Y or the Roswell Park pool and getting her used to being in the pool more and more. Then we'll try group lessons again later or budget for private lessons. Life in SPD-land.


Dec. 19th, 2007 09:45 am
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My head isn't hurting this morning.

*knocks on wood*
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I'm over rebound headaches. 
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I spent last night sick as a dog. I really hate the nausea that comes with the migraine. I hoped that getting a ton of sleep this morning would have helped, but I was still hurting horribly.

Thanks be to Kaiser's weekend clinic. After a surprisingly short wait, I was given a big shot of demerol and phenergan. I'm feeling pretty okay now, but a little stoned. :)

(We all had to go, because they wouldn't have given me the painkiller if I had driven myself. Tom kept the girls occupied with coloring and the picnic lunch I threw together on the way out the door. Tom has had a headache all day, and he's kept chugging along. I'm so lucky.)

[profile] katfrog - I'm so sorry we had to miss Rachel's birthday party.  I miss seeing you.
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While I'm thankful the migraines are down to a weekly occurrence, I could really do without the nausea and sound sensitivity.

Prior to the onset of this, I did get to go to the Y and get cardio and weights done. Then I had a good soak in the whirlpool. :)
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My doctor just emailed me the results. With the exception of my brain and the 20000 dead Mexican Jumping Beans from a particularly heinous tequila incident in college, nothing else was found. :)

Of course, I'd really like the migraines to go away, but I'm glad it's nothing "big."

Last night's fun - taking a Maxalt at 8:30 PM. By 10 PM, the taste of metal appeared. It took me til 1 AM and eating STRAIGHT BARBECUE SAUCE  to overpower the metal taste and fall asleep. Thanks be to blessed vinegar-based items.
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Yesterday was Amelia's first day of school.  She loves her teachers and had a blast. The drop-off was rather smooth.  I saw at least 2 kids crying and trying to escape the room to go with their parents. Luckily, the 3 year old teachers are freaking spry!  She had a small accident, but so did another kid. :(  She got so into playing on the playground that she waited too long to go potty.

Tom took yesterday off to take care of a few things in the morning. He then spent the afternoon starting work on his Great Project of 2007: building a garage workshop.  Last weekend, he spent over $500 in lumber, peg board, fasteners, and various other things. He was armed with a 10% off coupon and a strict shopping list.  Since Tom doesn't drink or do anything else "bad for him", I encourage the home repair projects. He spent a few hours measuring twice, sawing once. :)

Katie and I spent the morning at the library and puttering around. The afternoon was spent with the girls napping and mommy running out to get a pedicure. :)  It took over an hour and it was absolutely delightful. While I was there, I had my eyebrows waxed. For $8, they look fabulous! 

Unfortunately, my nagging headache (over a week now! Whee!) added nausea. I took a phenergan at 5:30 and went into zombie mode. I stumbled through making dinner (the ever popular chicken and something; version bbq chicken with pasta). The girls were in bed by 8:15, I was asleep by 8:30. With the exception of Katie waking up at midnight and needing her binky and some more water, I slept through until 7:30. 

Today starts my new experiment: no artificial sweeteners. I'm wondering if my use of aspartame and ace-k (the sweeteners in Coke Zero) are contributing. Since ace-k is a rather new sweetener, it could be contributing. This morning I've had a couple of cups of coffee and a huge glass of OJ (to get my cold fix).  I'm running out in a bit to pick up some regular Coke and some other groceries.    Let's see what happens!
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I think I'm actually feeling good right now.

I saw my doctor this morning. I have a couple of prescriptions (Whee, I am the proud owner of an Old Lady Pill Box!). In addition, I have an order for a cat-scan. I should have called to get that scheduled this afternoon, but I was just too spent. After both girls were *cough* challenging *cough* at the doctors, we grabbed lunch on the way home, and we all took naps.  Much needed.

At this moment, I don't hurt. That blows my mind. I've been in pain since Friday morning.

Tonight we're having Caribbean chicken and rice. I hope the marinade works out. If not, there's always take out from the Chinese restaurant. :)

Thanks for the fabulous wishes. I'm so tired, even though I've been averaging 12 hours of sleep a day since Friday.  
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Hi there. Thank you for the concerned messages.

I slept for about 11 hours last night, and I could easily use more. At the hospital, they gave me an injection of Toradol (which sounds like something out of White Wolf). It didn't really help much for the migraine. However, the eating of Vicodin/Loratab every few hours is slowly knocking this out. I feel so House right now.

I'm still feeling rather out of it and I'm on some serious meds, so I had to cancel lunch plans with the lovely Val, formerly known as "bassygalore".  Sigh.  Tom's disappointed because I was going to bring him back a slice of peanut butter cheesecake in return for the lunch out sans kids.

One thing that made the hospital experience more pleasant was my iPod. I listened to a few podcasts while waiting for various personnel.

The EKG tech was so polite - he kept apologizing for having to place the leads on and around my breasts. I told him it was fine, as long as he wasn't too friendly. We both laughed at that.

Anyways - Northside Hospital was a relative dream to be treated at. Maybe any ER in the early afternoon is. I dunno. :)  All the people there were all kind. I'm glad I didn't wait until after work hours to go, because with the huge storms that moved through last night, I'm sure they were busy with car accidents.  


Aug. 24th, 2007 09:09 pm
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I went to the ER about 1:30 this afternoon.  I took a cab, because the girls were napping, and they would have done poorly in the ER. I know, I know.  Tom was willing to drive me, but I figured that if it was really serious, he'd come to the hospital anyways with the kids later.

 I was triaged very quickly and put into a room.  Everyone kept checking me for stroke symptoms (AIGHIE!).  After blood draws and an EKG, it was determined I was having an "adverse reaction" to my newish migraine medicine, which was causing flushing, numbness of head, hearing going in and out, and generally WheeeeeeFun!

They gave me an injection of a painkiller and discharged me about 4. Tom and the girls picked me up at 4:40. I passed that time having a super late lunch and reading a celebrity magazine. I have the attention span of a gnat right now, which was perfect for the OK! Weekly or whatever I wasted $3.00 on. :)

We stopped by Costco to pick up a few items and to feed everyone else a quick dinner, since I was not going to be cooking tonight. ;)  I filled a prescription for Lortab, and I have to contact my doctor come Monday to get a prescription for another migraine medicine.  So if anyone wants about 55 Epidrin, let me know. (Kidding, mostly.)

We got home about 7, but the power was out. It just came back a few minutes ago, and I wrestled Tom for the laptop, because I had to let you know how I was doing...

Please ignore my typos. I'm exhausted and in pain.  
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As far as I know, Mom is still not in the hospital. She promised various people she would go tonight, but I'll believe she's in the hospital when I have to talk to her via Tampa General's switchboard. The best excuse I heard so far is that she didn't want to go today because all of the routes to the hospital would be blocked by Gasparilla. I have a funny feeling that the police would let ambulances through the parade route, you know what I mean?

I spent the morning puttering around the house with Tom and the kids. When they were down for a nap, I went to the mall and bought myself a funeral dress. I figure that I am going to need one really soon now, so I might as well shop for it while I am on my own, versus grabbing the first thing in my size that's remotely appropriate, like I have to when the kids are with me. I got even more depressed looking at myself in the mirror at Macy's, because I just haven't gotten myself in eat better and exercise. I need to, but I'm just at my limit right now.

I did find a nice wrap dress 60% off at Macy's. I hate spending a ton of money for something I'll only wear once. While this could be a cocktail or dinner dress later on, I just don't see myself reusing it. I imbue things with significance, and it'll be colored by that forever more. For example, a sleep outfit that I purchased for Flipper prior to the miscarriage was never used for Amelia or Katie. I just couldn't.

I came home to save Tom from the children. We packed up the family and headed out to run errands. While we were at Petsmart, I ran into [livejournal.com profile] pigri and her husband. We had a very nice chat while Amelia attempted to steal a few kittens from the adoption agency. Ms. M looked wonderful, and I confessed that I have Wii envy.

For dinner, we had pizza and now I'm watching Tom play a bit of Lego Star Wars. I spoke on the phone with my aunt and my mom's best friend earlier this evening, and now I'm waiting for my head to stop pounding. I took something over an hour ago, and it's just intensified since then.


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