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Sep. 27th, 2007 07:32 pm
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I just came back from the Lush Lenox grand opening party. Over 400 people had RSVPed for the party. I got there a little before 5, and the store was packed. I swam in like a happy little sardine. When I left 30 minutes later, they had a line set up outside the store with security there to let one person in when one person left.

I got a pretty "Grand Opening" bath bomb and a cute cookie for RSVPing and a goodie bag with a bath bomb and cookie for spending over $45.  I am now set up for bath bombs for the next month or so. :)  I'll need them soon, but I'll share that in another post titled "Why Heather will be a Stress Puppy in October."
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and it is good.

They opened on Thursday, but the grand opening hasn't been scheduled yet. They're on the mall level of Lenox Mall near Bloomingdales.

I loved being able to pick up and smell all of the products. I spent $45, and came out with a bag chock full o'goodies, plus 5 samples of various soaps. 

If you go, sign up at the desk for their mailing list. :)
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With LUSH going into Lenox Mall and Hanna Anderssen going into Phipps Plaza, I'll actually have a reason to visit Buckhead.

Well, yeah, Tom works a stone's throw from Lenox. I think someone is going to be doing some lunchtime babysitting in the future!


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