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A few days ago, [livejournal.com profile] lemon_says wondered why her kids went to the ER more than her friends' kids. It all balances out in a karmic scale. My kids barf when they get colds. Curse you, post-nasal drip!

Other kids just get the sniffly noses, red faces, etc..Not here!

I'm an expert at field-stripping a Britax in less than a minute. My kids know to stand in the entry of the house and take everything off while Mommy breathes shallowly. I have a bigger-than-average collection of rag bag towels just in case.

The last 10 days haven't been pretty, and Katie is only 2 days into this cold. (Amelia's on antibiotics for a double ear infection right now and the cold might be leaving someday...) I took her into the doctor today because she was starting to sound croupy and she was running a temperature. When the doctor looks at you and says, "Buckle in for a bad week," it makes Mama want to drink.
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I'm so lazy nowadays. I post little soundbites of my life over on Facebook, and I keep thinking, "I should post something of substance on Livejournal" then I get distracted by the children or something shiny.  My apologies.

It's been a month since my gallbladder was evicted. The surgery recovery was pretty easy, and I am thankful it is gone. However, I'm not so friendly with certain food after surgery. Coffee and dairy are both pretty rough on me, so I've been upping the probiotics.  In addition, I had a nasty 24-hour bout of pain after eating a lightly spiced flank steak (only about 4 oz) which threw me.  I've gone to eating red meat only a couple of times a week (my pork loving ancestors would weep!), but to have that time fire back on me? Gah!

Amelia loves kindergarten, with so many flying puffy hearts around it. She's keeping a writing journal at school, and she has her first spelling test in a few weeks. This seems very advanced for kindergarten, but everything is being pushed younger nowadays. I'm glad that they balance it out with lots of recess, dancing, and the Friday movie.

Katie's preschool starts up in 9 days, NOT THAT I AM COUNTING. Having the schools start up over a month apart is some sort of cruel torture. Katie has taken to waking up right as Amelia and Tom leave for the school bus and wanting to go do something Right Then! Me: "Kid, it's 7:10 A.M.. Do you want to go to work? Chill out, watch some Special Agent Oso, and let me wake up."

Otherwise, same old, same old. You?

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There is nothing cuter than a little girl spinning in a twirly dress saying "I am ballerina."
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Since it's hot as blazes out there, I'm enjoying the air-conditioning and catching up on my reading on the first day of June.

My library hold list brought me the new Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead and Gone. I polished it off between last night and this morning. It is so much better than the previous book in the series. They aren't deep, but they are fun.

After Amelia's speech therapy appointment this morning, I took the girls to have their hair cut. I'd been dreading this since Katie gets anxious and subsequently angry.  I did my best to ensure she was well-rested and fed before we got to the kid salon.

The stars were in perfect alignment today.

They had Tom and Jerry on the TV screens, the stylist's daughter was there and wanted to play with the girls. Katie actually agreed to wear the little drape around her neck. When she started getting antsy towards the end of the cut, the stylist offered her chocolate if she sat still a bit longer. She agreed, and let him finish her bangs. She got her chocolate coin.

Both of my daughters are well-groomed in time for the trip to Nana's house in BFE South Dakota in two weeks! I can't tell you what joy this brings me. 

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Instead of buying the girls yet more stuff,on Saturday, we all went to the Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey Circus for their birthday.  We had 11:00 AM tickets so we were out of the house by 9:15 in order to get on MARTA for the train ride down to Phipps Arena. We take public transit whenever possible, because the girls love it, and Tom and I hate to pay the ridiculous parking fees.  Amelia made friends on the train with an adorable boy named Caleb, and they played "Space Adventurers" on the way down.  

She was saddened when we did not have seats right next to his in this arena. Alas, life is cruel.  We cheered her up with a giant $7 box of popcorn and her own bottle of water. Seriously, this thing came up to Katie's shoulder. That didn't stop Katie from eating almost all of hers. :) 

The kids loved the circus. It was really "over the top" (this year's theme), and you can tell that they are competing with Cirque de Soleil.  They had some Cirque-influenced parts that were quite lovely. Oddly enough, they had a "Pump It Up" part where they played rave music and had acrobats wearing latex costumes that would have fit in at the Chamber 10 years ago. I was laughing and boogeying in my seat. :) 

They had all of the classic circus parts that Tom and I remembered and loved from our childhoods, such as dogs catching frisbees, tiger taming, horses, silly rude clowns, and so own.  It was wonderful to show the children the circus for the first time and see them be blown away, as well as to re-experience it as an adult.

Getting the kids out of the arena and back home on the train was tiring. I saw some unpleasantness which I detailed on Facebook. I contacted security when we got back to North Springs and they took care of it quickly. Luckily, neither kid saw it, and that's what matters.

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I believe Katie has an ear infection (as well as a raging cold, but that's nothing to see a doctor about).  She's been grabbing her ears for the last two days when she eats or sleeps. My early afternoon will be spent picking Amelia up from preschool and then taking them out for a quick lunch and shuttling them to the doctor's office.

I'm Tivoing the festivities from Washington DC while saying prayers that nothing goes wrong. I'll try to listen to the speech on the radio, but I expect I'll hear every 20th word over the chatter from the backseat. I've tried to explain the importance over the new presidency, but I think Amelia's just grokked we get a new boss. :)


Dec. 8th, 2008 08:21 am
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Katie's sleeping in a bed now, instead of a crib.  Late last week, I took her shopping for a big girl blanket for her bed (which has been in her room for a few weeks).  She chose a Dora blanket, even though she's not a big fan of the show.  Ah, well!

She took to sleeping in her bed this weekend once we convinced her It Was Time.  Our big issue was removing the crib from her room.  There were angry tears, but I calmed her down once I pointed out that she had a lot more play area for all her toys.

While I'm glad to have both children sleeping in their beds, it is definitely a bittersweet milestone.  Since we are not looking to have more children, this is the end of an era.
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Both of the girls have some sort of virus, and they've been little punks all weekend. If you've heard the saying, "I love you, but I don't like you right now", it's where I'm at right now. Katie and I had a throwdown this morning about me changing her out of her pajamas into street clothes so we could go to the grocery store. She was in such a tizzy that I had to physically hold her down for 10 minutes until she calmed down.

Her Terrible Two tantrums have switched gears from random to very focused in nature and extended. Once they are engaged, they go on and getting her out of them is a doozy. Her advancing language skills keep her from getting as frustrated from random things, but once her ire is tripped, watch out.  Right now, it's hard because she's sick so she's feeling so puny. When you're sick, everything sucks. I'm trying to be Zen Mommy and just humor her. However, I'm a wee bit crispy!

It never fails that when Katie's having a tantrum, Amelia starts asking me why Katie's having a tantrum. I explain that she's upset over being changed out of her pajamas, that she has to take off her shoes in the house, or that the sun is shining in her eyes. I'll tell her that sometimes I just don't know. Then Amelia will want validation that she's being a good girl. Of course, my maternal reserves are tapped dry while Katie is yelling, screaming, and throwing down and I'm trying to maintain a calm voice.

This gig is not for the faint of heart.

(I do have Sears' Parenting the Fussy Baby and High-Need Child on hold at the Library. I'll be picking it up tomorrow hopefully. )

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Saturday, we joined a gaggle of LJ friends for the first annual LJ Meetup coordinated by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] mrs__smith  at Stone Mountain. It was an absolute hoot! We spent the afternoon lazing around under the trees while the children climbed trees, kicked around soccer balls, and ran themselves ragged.

Here's a picture of most of the womenfolk and children:  (It's impressive that [livejournal.com profile] lemon_says 's four-year old took it!)

Katie was off chasing a soccer ball or waving at a passing train or something. The men evaded being in the picture by taking various versions of this shot!

Every thirty minutes, the Stone Mountain train would come by to the delight of the children. Here's Amelia announcing it to all gathered:

Lemon-says's wheelchair was one of the most popular attractions of the day. We had to stop the children from giving each other rides down the hill. "No!  Do not push your sister/brother/friend down into traffic!"

I can't wait until the next one. :D
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While picking the girls up from preschool today, Amelia said she wanted to show me something in the music room. She led me into the Scholastic book fair and said, "Look, Mommy! They have so many perfect books for sale!  I need new books!"

Katie made a beeline for a Wow Wow Wubbzy book, clutched it to her chest, and proclaimed "Wuzzy!" in ecstasy. I was barely able to get it from her at the register to see how much it cost. She's currently napping with it.

I will never deny these children books. :)


Sep. 28th, 2008 02:02 pm
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Katie's first haircut without tears, restraining, or beating someone else. It was almost pleasurable. It was the first time in a year where all of her hair was cut, not just her bangs. Maybe it's because she got to ride a faux four-wheeler while her hair was cut or the hair stylist was amazing with her, but we are going back to this joint again!

I didn't think about drinking, and Tom didn't think about taking up drinking once during this! Woohoo!
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I'd picked up a few 12 packs of soda on sale yesterday at the grocery store. They hadn't been put up in the pantry, and Katie was playing with them on the kitchen floor making them into letter shapes. "Look, mama! I made an O!"

"Yay, Katie!, " I said vaguely as I tried to squeeze in another minute of Livejournal before I had to really engage. Tom has had to work most of the weekend, so I'm a little grumpy.

She continued to move around the 12 packs into more letter shapes.

All of the sudden, I hear the sound of fizzing. One of the 12 packs was bad. Sodas started fizzing all over the kitchen floor.  Slack never pays off.
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I'm sitting at the kitchen table, putting together a list of spices we need to order from Penzey's. (We're out of Bold Taco seasoning, which is pretty darned close to an emergency as far as Tom's concerned.)  

Amelia grabs a piece of paper and her box of crayons to make a grocery list, since she knows we are going to the grocery store later this morning. She starts listing all of the things we will need: "Orange juice, milk, doughnuts...No, Mommy doesn't let me get doughnuts, but Daddy does!  No pepper!  I don't like pepper. Pizza. I hope we can get pizza. (Fat chance, we ordered it last night when I had a migraine and Mommy wasn't up to cooking anything.) I can't wait to get a cookie at the bakery!" While all of this is going on, she's "writing" on her list.

As soon as Katie notices that Amelia and I are sitting at the table, she goes to the craft cabinet, grabs a piece of paper, and comes to join us. She then starts imitating Amelia imitating me.

It's mornings like this that I'm very glad I'm here.

amelia and katie
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This morning, while I was going through a couple of weeks of mail, Katie took the fresh new pack of Crayola washable crayons and colored on the carpet. On. The. Carpet.

It's like she's got a checklist of all evil crayon-related activities and is trying to get through them as quickly as possible. I was sitting 3 feet away from her.  (The coloring of the walls was done while Tom was supposed to be watching the girls and I was cooking dinner.)  We're on an art-material ban for a while.

A couple of hours later, I took the girls to the grocery store so I could pick up a few things for a BBQ we are attending tomorrow. All of the sudden, Katie takes off running at full speed. She refuses to listen to my polite requests to stop. Then my less polite requests for her to stop. Then it turns into me running after her with my cart and Amelia chasing along behind me and the cart. I know this was great fun for her.

I'm so glad Tom's getting off of work early today.  They are his kids when he comes home.
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The crayoning, day two: I followed up with a solid five minute scrub with a Target-brand Magic Eraser. The eraser dissolved, the crayon came up, and so did some of the paint. The wall will need some paint touch up, but it looks much better. I shudder to think of the fumes that have been released in that area in the last twenty-four hours, but such is the wrath of Katie. :)
I just placed an order for a gDiapers starter system for Katie. There's a sale on Amazon, and Tom and I have seen friends use them. I've been wanting to use a more ecologically friendly diapering system for years, but we've had internal disagreements about cloth diapering. This is a very good compromise, and hopefully it will work out for us.  We can get refills locally at Whole Foods/Harry's which will be convenient until we potty train Katie, which will hopefully be sooner than later!
Yesterday was my first day without a migraine in two weeks. I was afraid to tell anyone for fear I'd jinx myself. Here's hoping today will be a whole two days of no head pain!  *crosses fingers* 

This weekend, I got to meet [personal profile] mnfiddledragon in person. She's absolutely lovely and brilliant. We fell right into talking like we knew each other "in real life" for years. If she lived here in the Atlanta area, she would so be part of our group. :) In other words, dibs on kidnapping her if she ever moves!
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WD-40 does get crayons off walls pretty well. Washing with Dawn and water got rid of most everything else. Huh.  It should only take one layer of paint to cover Katie's latest artistic expression.

Good thing she's cute or else she's be shipped off to live in South Dakota post haste.
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Amelia had her first swim lesson today. She did wonderfully, even though she had to suffer through the dreaded "water up the nose". Katie was thoroughly pissed that she could not splash and play, but the entire pool and kiddie area was cordoned off for swim lessons. (They run 6 different levels of swim lessons at the same time.)  We sat outside the fenced off pool area,  and I chatted with some of the other mothers while Katie threw a major hissy fit. She eventually calmed down and ate a snack.

When we got home, Amelia showed off a scrape on her knuckle from getting out of the pool. I put a Wiggles bandage on the scrape (I was surprised that she chose that over the Backyardigans and Hello Kitty, since Wiggles have been out of favor in our casa for years now. Ah, well!).  Katie came over and stuck out her hand to get a bandage. Since she had been denied the swim, I was just not up for another screaming hissy fit. The cost of a bandage is not that high.

Katie is now admiring her thoroughly unnecessary but awfully spiffy bandage.
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Saturday, we headed into the city to attend the birthday party of  [profile] mrs__smith's adorable sons. The food was fabulous, the girls played with a lot of their friends, and we visited with so many of our friends!  It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, and I got to meet so many new people.  The inevitable post-cake-sugar-crash occurred, so we wrestled the girls into the car and made our hurried good-byes and headed home. We had a quiet evening at home. The rains finally ended after a few days of watching animals walk two-by-two. (Not complaining, we're still in a drought...)

With the sun finally out, the family headed outside to do some planting. The girls and I planted lots of flower seeds (well, the girls scattered the seeds. I think the local birds have some mighty fine eating over the next couple of days!). Tom and I did some weeding while the girls frolicked. We had a quiet day of doing small things about the house. Nothing earth-shattering. ;)

This week is Spring break for schools, so I have some local playdates planned with [personal profile] lemon_says, [personal profile] raving_liberal, and [profile] katfrog.  I'm hoping to get by the Y with the kids at least twice, but I bet it is going to be an absolute madhouse since they offer childcare. On either Saturday or Sunday, we're going to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival with [profile] eloren and her family as well as some other old gaming geek friends.
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She's strong, funny, and knows her own mind. I think that's fabulous. She challenges me, and I can't wait to meet the woman she'll become.

I love you, Katherine.
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I do not understand how my kids are so happy with a peanut butter sandwich, crackers, and an apple every single day for lunch. They are zen little kids. 


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