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Both of the girls have some sort of virus, and they've been little punks all weekend. If you've heard the saying, "I love you, but I don't like you right now", it's where I'm at right now. Katie and I had a throwdown this morning about me changing her out of her pajamas into street clothes so we could go to the grocery store. She was in such a tizzy that I had to physically hold her down for 10 minutes until she calmed down.

Her Terrible Two tantrums have switched gears from random to very focused in nature and extended. Once they are engaged, they go on and getting her out of them is a doozy. Her advancing language skills keep her from getting as frustrated from random things, but once her ire is tripped, watch out.  Right now, it's hard because she's sick so she's feeling so puny. When you're sick, everything sucks. I'm trying to be Zen Mommy and just humor her. However, I'm a wee bit crispy!

It never fails that when Katie's having a tantrum, Amelia starts asking me why Katie's having a tantrum. I explain that she's upset over being changed out of her pajamas, that she has to take off her shoes in the house, or that the sun is shining in her eyes. I'll tell her that sometimes I just don't know. Then Amelia will want validation that she's being a good girl. Of course, my maternal reserves are tapped dry while Katie is yelling, screaming, and throwing down and I'm trying to maintain a calm voice.

This gig is not for the faint of heart.

(I do have Sears' Parenting the Fussy Baby and High-Need Child on hold at the Library. I'll be picking it up tomorrow hopefully. )

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The appointment was for Amelia's four-year well-child visit, and I added on a sick-child visit for Katie.

Amelia is almost done with the flu. In a lot of ways, she is a perfectly normal four year old. She is continuing her trend of being a tall and sturdy gal, or every other child she is hanging out with is wee. When I think that two years ago, she could only say 3 words and she would fight the doctor throughout the visit, it's a miracle. :) We still have to work through her sensory issues, but she is a much happier child than a year ago.

I did get the sign off for Ms. A to return to preschool tomorrow. Now I have no excuse to slack on baking "big chocolate cupcakes with frosting and lots and lots of sprinkles." Whee!

As for Katie, she has the flu. I know, what a shock. Who would have thought it, especially with her being locked in a house with three other people who had it over the past week. Oh, let's not forget her constantly stealing her sister's drinks, no matter how much we tried to stop her.

The very boring prescription of rest, fluids, and lots of TLC were given. She did not appreciate the doctor looking in her ears, and I think she tried to actually spit in his eyes when he looked in her throat. Good thing he's a young doctor - his spry reflexes allowed him to evade at the last minute.

Have I mentioned recently she's a handful?
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We're still chugging along here. Tom went to the doctor Monday afternoon who proclaimed him to have the flu, but not badly enough to warrant drugs. He was sent on his way with advice to sleep, drink fluids, and stay at home until Thursday. He was also given a doctor's note for work. :) Tom already had Monday off, so he'll only be away from the office for 2 days.

I was feeling suspiciously good yesterday, so I tried to get things done around the house. Today showed me the folly of such behavior. However, we're doing okay as long as we keep up with Delsym, ibuprofen and/or Tylenol.

Amelia is the hardest to keep on an even keel. Today, Tom took her outside with Katie (who continues to be unaffected by the flu) to test the new swingset. (It's their joint birthday present.) Amelia got a bit too excited, started coughing, and got sick. :( At this point, I hope she is well enough to make it to preschool on Friday. Most of her preschool class has/had the flu. I've worked it out with her teacher to reschedule her school "birthday party" for Friday. I even procured a cupcake carrier for the event.

(I feel very bourgeoisie about the cupcake carrier. It's such a unitasker. However, I figure I've got about a decade of cupcakes for school ahead of me, so it makes sense to have something to tote them in. Tom said he could rig something up out of cardboard, but I quickly put the kibosh on that as we'd get punked by the other 'burban moms in the carpool lane.
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I'm canceling all plans with outsiders for the 3-day weekend. Amelia's still down for the count, I'm coming down with it, and Tom's currently bathing in Purell, praying he doesn't get it. Meanwhile, Katie is taking advantage of Mommy and Amelia feeling off by bodyslamming her sister and claiming all the good toys.

Tonight, I have to ignore the chills and raw throat to bake Amelia's birthday cake and wrap a couple of presents. She is going to have a cake on her birthday, even if she isn't in the mood to eat much of it. :) (The party is scheduled for a couple of weeks off, but I still do a small cake on the actual birthday. Everyone deserves a cake on their birthday. Period.) Kroger had used all of their helium blowing up 8 gazillion Valentine's Day balloons, so I couldn't get any birthday balloons for Ms. A. I'll send Tom out tonight once the girls are down to see if Publix had been more reasonable. Otherwise, we'll give Amelia a few 75% heart-shaped balloons. She'll be 4 - she'll love 'em. :)
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Today, I tried to work out, even though this sinus infection is kicking my butt.  20 minutes on the bike at the Y showed me I had no business being there.

Tom nicely said, "I told you so."
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Last night, I was so sick. When I woke up this morning, I knew I had to get in to get a verification that my sinuses were infected.  I also knew there was no way I could handle two kids by myself. Tom took a personal day and wrangled the wee ones while I luxuriated in a solo trip.

Unsurprisingly, I have a sinus infection. I have a nasty tasting antibiotic, but hopes this will clear up rapidly. The doctor encouraged me to keep using the neti pot, and to come in earlier in the sinus infection life cycle.

Today, I want to wrap holiday gifts to be shipped and beg Tom to deliver them to the post office. I'm done with shopping except for Tom (Christmas and birthday). Luckily, I can get most of his wishlist off of Newegg.com and thinkgeek.com. :)
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Last week, Katie came down with the same bug Amelia had. She seems on the upswing, but we could really do without the fever. :/  Last night, Tom was able to clip her nails without a peep from her!  Our big problem is getting her to drink enough liquids. I'm having to almost force them on her.

It was a good weekend though. We had a lot of family time, I got to go to the Y and get a pedicure (plus eyebrow wax and paraffin wax treatment for my hands).   I did these things on different days, so I had "me" time on both days. Whee!

It's noon, grocery shopping is done, and I have dinner cooking ([profile] mrs__smith's slacker crockpot chicken).  I'm feeling damned good about this.

Oh, remind me in a few days that I have been feeling like a sinus infection is building. By Friday, I should be in the doctor's office kicking myself for not going in earlier.
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Katie was up and down all night last night. She's not acting sick in any other way, so I'll just assume she hates us. :)

Amelia's still getting ill on a daily basis. She now seems to hate the taste of the liquid albuterol so much that she instantly pukes. :/ I've got a call into the doctor, because the albuterol calms down her coughing to the point she can sleep.

I'm fighting a sinus infection right now. I'm trying to neti pot it out of existence. I must remember to dissolve the salt fully before using it, because YOUCH.

Tom is in a hell week at work. He's getting a lot done but the hours are long. I feel bad that Katie woke up so much, because he got a very bad night's sleep.
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Katie's still sick. I took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon, because she was passing mortar-covered stools (which I have never seen in either her or Amelia). We think that she has some nasty stomach bug, most likely picked up from Saturday's visit to Chuck E. Cheese. The doctor agrees. If she's not better by Monday, we'll do a stool collection and blood draw, since he's worried she may have liver inflammation.

In positive news, Amelia continues to wear panties around the house. This is our 3rd day. She hasn't done her business yet in the potty, but she's getting closer. She feels the urge and sprints for the potty. :D She's rewarded after each potty try with 1 (generic) M&M. Why generic? To keep Tom away from them. ;)

Last night, Tom came home from work and watched the kids while I went out to do whatever. I had a quiet dinner out at Jason's Deli while I read. Then I wandered through Michaels and Barnes and Noble. It was delicious.

This weekend is chock full of birthday parties. Tom will be staying home with Katie while I take Amelia to them. They may join us if Katie has a dramatic change, but I'm not holding my breath.
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Really, I'm done with being sick now.

I've spent most of today fighting back a throbbing head and nausea while trying to have family time. We hit Ikea in the morning to do some returns and pick up a kid's tunnel and a few storage containers. We put the kids down for a nap when we came home, and I received some bad news that a great uncle had passed on yesterday. Tom and I then retired to our bed for a little snuggling and avoiding the world.

For dinner, we went to a new pizza joint near our house. The service was abysmal but the pizza was tasty. If we give them money again, it'll be for takeout. I have had better service at a Denny's in the middle of the night.

Poor Katie has her two top teeth coming in, so she's got an upset tummy and a fever. :(
I'm feeling like Death on a hotplate.
Amelia's full of vim and vinegar.
Tom's planning to run off and join the circus. :)

I owe calls to a few people. I will try to get them done in the morning when the headache is at its mildest.
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I took it easy last night, and I feel better this morning. While I wish I had fallen asleep earlier in the evening, I'm feeling so much better today.

Nothing of excitement here. :) There's a boston butt roast in the crockpot that will be turned into pulled pork this evening. Katie's fighting a nap right now, and Amelia's having a long one. They have worked together to ensure that I will not have this house looking presentable when Tom's mom arrives tomorrow!
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This has been the weekend of gathering my wagons. I've had to slough off some commitments in order to keep myself and the family afloat. We are going out tonight to a dear friend's house to catch up and watch part of the Super Bowl. We'll be home way before the end, because at least one child in this house is going to have enough sleep damnit.

Katie's still having a rough go of it. Like most ear infections, it's much worse at night. Therefore, it's much worse for us at night. This weekend, Tom has very graciously given me the lion's share of the sleep, since I need to do the night shift during the work week.

As for my mom, I'm trying to get over my hurt that she didn't even call me when she left the hospital. However, I need to remember that this kind of mental decline is part of the cirrhosis death. It's hard when I am trying to reach out to her constantly to deal with a mush-mouthed and confused woman who has a hair trigger temper.
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The little cold that Amelia had late last week has been passed to Katie. Katie passed it to me. I'm just feeling a little run down with a rough throat. Katie's running a fever, drooling and snotting like a crazed person, and she has a very rough cough. If she's still running a fever tomorrow (day 3), I'll take her to the doctor. Me, I'll linger for a couple of weeks and end up with a sinus infection.

Mom's still in the hospital. She's spending her nights crying and her days bemoaning the lack of good care she's getting. (The care is fine. She just doesn't want to be there.) I'm calling her twice a day because she needs to hear I love her, but oh my goodness would the whining please stop?

Amelia is grumpy that Katie needs to be cuddled so much. Katie's grumpy because she hurts. Mom is just needing more than anyone can give her.

What do I need? A week long vacation away from everyone but Tom. However, that's not happening any time soon.
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As far as I know, Mom is still not in the hospital. She promised various people she would go tonight, but I'll believe she's in the hospital when I have to talk to her via Tampa General's switchboard. The best excuse I heard so far is that she didn't want to go today because all of the routes to the hospital would be blocked by Gasparilla. I have a funny feeling that the police would let ambulances through the parade route, you know what I mean?

I spent the morning puttering around the house with Tom and the kids. When they were down for a nap, I went to the mall and bought myself a funeral dress. I figure that I am going to need one really soon now, so I might as well shop for it while I am on my own, versus grabbing the first thing in my size that's remotely appropriate, like I have to when the kids are with me. I got even more depressed looking at myself in the mirror at Macy's, because I just haven't gotten myself in eat better and exercise. I need to, but I'm just at my limit right now.

I did find a nice wrap dress 60% off at Macy's. I hate spending a ton of money for something I'll only wear once. While this could be a cocktail or dinner dress later on, I just don't see myself reusing it. I imbue things with significance, and it'll be colored by that forever more. For example, a sleep outfit that I purchased for Flipper prior to the miscarriage was never used for Amelia or Katie. I just couldn't.

I came home to save Tom from the children. We packed up the family and headed out to run errands. While we were at Petsmart, I ran into [livejournal.com profile] pigri and her husband. We had a very nice chat while Amelia attempted to steal a few kittens from the adoption agency. Ms. M looked wonderful, and I confessed that I have Wii envy.

For dinner, we had pizza and now I'm watching Tom play a bit of Lego Star Wars. I spoke on the phone with my aunt and my mom's best friend earlier this evening, and now I'm waiting for my head to stop pounding. I took something over an hour ago, and it's just intensified since then.
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This morning, we all headed over to my aunt and uncle's to meet up. I had my uncle (the retired eye surgeon who is now a general contractor) look at Tom's eye. I had my suspicions that it was conjunctivitis, and the doc agreed. Basically, we give him some Visine and wait it out.

My aunt followed us to the beach where I left Tom and the girls with the car. My aunt and I headed to Tampa General where I met up with the hospice coordinator, Betsy. Betsy and I talked an hour and a half, which was therapeutic for me. Very little of what she was told me was new, but it was good to hear that I've done what I can, and that my mom has the right to make wrong choices. I can't stop her from doing so, even to this day.

After meeting with Betsy, I drove my aunt's car to pick my mom up for lunch. (My aunt had her husband pick her up so I could use her car.) Life in a Lexus is smooth, but I'm not ready for that kind of car payment. ;)

Mom and I lunched at the Colonnade. She was a bit turned around here and there and made a lot of disassociated comments to me and the wait staff. I just smiled politely and gave apologies when my mom wasn't looking. She shared stories about my youth and her youth with her sister that were simply not true. I just listened, laughed, and asked questions here and there. It did break my heart that she didn't really remember Katie existed and would only ask questions about Amelia.

After lunch, I dropped her off at her house with plans to meet up for dinner with Tom, the girls, and her husband. I then drove around trying to find a grocery store to pick up a few things. It's disconcerting to find out a Publix has been magically transformed into a Pier One. That's just some sort of illegal real estate maneuver.

At 6, we met up with my mom and her husband at a local pizza joint, where my high school swim team used to celebrate after meets. It had the advantages of being family friendly and comforting to my mom since it was part of the past she knew. We had a decent, if strained dinner. She just pushed her food around on her plate and was more confused than at lunch.

Tom insisted on hunting down a Slurpee for me post-dinner. It was mighty tasty. Right now, he's reading, Katie's crawling all over us, and Amelia's slowly drifting off to sleep.

Tomorrow's plans include Perkins for breakfast (oh, Perkins...how I have missed you), then lunch or dinner with my aunt, uncle, mom, Bruce, and some of my mom's friends. Tomorrow may be the wringer.

How am I holding up? Well, considering that two different medical professionals told me today that my mom has about 4-6 weeks, I feel like I'm doing quite well. I haven't had a good cry today, but I just haven't had the time. Maybe tomorrow.
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Katie's doing slightly better. The fever broke yesterday morning, and she's been sleeping more. However, her appetite is still way down. Poor munchkin. I wish the nasty cough would go away, but the antibiotic of doom is definitely doing its work. Her color is much better, and it's not hard for her to breathe any more.

Her sleeping schedule has been blown to bits. She was not a good sleeper anyway, but Tom and I are basically living with 3-4 hours of sleep a night. The night before we drive to Tampa, I think I'm going to put him to bed and make sure he gets the good night sleep. I can function better on less sleep, since his narcolepsy requires him to be very vigilant to avoid an episode. I don't want him falling asleep behind the wheel.

Today is a lazy day around the house except for the Christmas Eve services at church. Katie is being baptized along with 8 other kids. It's a short service, full of babies and families. It'll be noisy as heck, yet it always makes me grin.
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Things are looking up slightly. Tom went to the doctor today; I'll try to get by tomorrow. The cold has branched out into an upper respiratory infection in him; I assume that I've gotten my quarterly sinus infection.

At this point, not sure when mom is getting out of the hospital. She has some sort of strep infection in her body, and they aren't sure where. They think it may be around the port in her chest, which is bad.

I'm just done for today. I'll cheer myself up by showing off the cuteness:

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About 9-10 days ago, Tom remarked that he would soon be getting ill. There was a man who was coughing and sneezing up a storm on MARTA (Atlanta's mass transit system) when Tom was taking the train home. A couple of days later, the plague descended upon our house.

I now want to find this person and beat Patient Zero down to within an inch of his life. This plague is never leaving. I'm sure getting more than 5 hours of sleep a night would help, but we've been busy and all this drama with my mom has made it rather hard to sleep. Grr.
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Tom and I are just going through the motions.

Katie figured out how to sit up on her own last night. She then giggled about it for five minutes. She's unstoppable now.

Amelia's eaten so much candy today. I expect her to be bouncing off the walls til Friday.
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Yesterday, Tom's office hosted a trick-or-treat. Amelia went as the world's cutest wee pirate, and Katie went as an adorable baby. It took a few cubicles for Amelia to catch on to the whole "free candy from strangers" thing, but she learned quickly to march into people's cubes and grab candy. Every once in a while, she'd remember to say "thank you" without prompting. Life with a toddler. :)


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