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I have barkeep's elbow (bursitis) from putting too much pressure on my right elbow while reading or computing or doing other things around the house. According to the doctor, I have to keep all pressure off of it, ice it, and take anti-inflammatories.

I do not appreciate the old-age truck coming after me.

First of all, keep an ice pack on my elbow without putting pressure on it is an interesting trick. I'm lightly pressing the ice pack against it with my leg.

I never realized how often I put my elbow on things (not on the dinner table, I promise!). I now find myself turning into she-who-awkwardly-poses.

I called to commiserate with my aunt who is married to a doctor. She laughed and said, "Welcome to the far side of 35, sweetie."
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I'm back home from a trip to Kaiser's urgent care facility. Today is day 11 of the Migraine o' Doom, and I'd really like it to go away now. We packed up the family and a bag full of books and activities for the kids.  I explained to the nice doctor and nurses that I was following my neurologist's orders and trying the prednisone first, but now I'm really done. They agreed I'd suffered long enough, and would I like the Demerol shot now?

Yes, thank you.

The pain is less now. I hope it doesn't come back. If it does, I'll call the neuro again on Monday and try something else. This migraine   feels like a band of steel squeezing around my temples.  It has set up camp in my brain and doesn't want to let go.   The doctor came back to the room to check on me twenty minutes after the shot and was surprised I wasn't the least bit sleepy. Nope - just still in pain. Woo.

This migraine didn't stop us from going out yesterday and having a lovely time at the Renaissance festival though. I just loaded up on meds before we left and bought myself 6 hours of relative okay time.  It was nice to see friends.  

I hope I don't hurt tomorrow.


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