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Since it's hot as blazes out there, I'm enjoying the air-conditioning and catching up on my reading on the first day of June.

My library hold list brought me the new Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead and Gone. I polished it off between last night and this morning. It is so much better than the previous book in the series. They aren't deep, but they are fun.

After Amelia's speech therapy appointment this morning, I took the girls to have their hair cut. I'd been dreading this since Katie gets anxious and subsequently angry.  I did my best to ensure she was well-rested and fed before we got to the kid salon.

The stars were in perfect alignment today.

They had Tom and Jerry on the TV screens, the stylist's daughter was there and wanted to play with the girls. Katie actually agreed to wear the little drape around her neck. When she started getting antsy towards the end of the cut, the stylist offered her chocolate if she sat still a bit longer. She agreed, and let him finish her bangs. She got her chocolate coin.

Both of my daughters are well-groomed in time for the trip to Nana's house in BFE South Dakota in two weeks! I can't tell you what joy this brings me. 

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I have a 2.5 year old daughter who is not a fan of the whole grooming thing. :) We've worked through getting her to brush her teeth and hair every day at home, but when we go out to the professionals, it's a nightmare. The dentist is used to the headstrong ones, so he has us book a special appointment at the end of the day and my husband and I go so we can assist the hygenist to get her teeth cleaned. (Sorry, clean teeth are not negotiable.)

However, we are just batting zero when it comes to hair cuts. We have taken her to several child salons, and we are just not having any luck. She's fine playing with the toys, but the second it comes for her to get in the chair (or climb onto the four-wheeler), she starts screaming. We have to hold her down to get her hair cut. We have tried talking to her about it before the trim, having her watch her sister getting the cut, etc.. We have given her a lollypop before the cut. She just works herself into such a hissy that she's just so pissed off that we have to just bear through it. 

(Her father used to be like this as a child. I have asked my MIL what she did, and she used to just wait til he was asleep and walk him to barbershops around London. Sometimes, he would get haircuts over two to three days.  Alas, I live in a suburb of Atlanta which is a car-based community and she wakes up easily. :/  She has the same easy to rile personality as her father. Sometimes, I  just glare at him. Lots.)

I have a 5 year old who just loves getting her hair and teeth done. She's such a people pleaser, it's not even funny. The odd thing, she's the one with Sensory Processing Disorder (under-responsive for some input).

Any advice from parents who have been there?


Sep. 28th, 2008 02:02 pm
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Katie's first haircut without tears, restraining, or beating someone else. It was almost pleasurable. It was the first time in a year where all of her hair was cut, not just her bangs. Maybe it's because she got to ride a faux four-wheeler while her hair was cut or the hair stylist was amazing with her, but we are going back to this joint again!

I didn't think about drinking, and Tom didn't think about taking up drinking once during this! Woohoo!


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