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Tom and I have been entertaining his mother and aunt for the last week.  They drove down from their tiny town in South Dakota to visit the grandchildren who live in the South. They arrived the day after Election Day, which we had asked them to. This was careful planning on our part, so they could celebrate/mourn with Tom's sister who is a staunch Republican. We wanted our time to watch the results and process accordingly. :) 

Tom's mom and aunt are very conservative midwesterners, who get all of their news from Fox News. Period.  The days after the election reading through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with them were occasionally stressful.  Luckily, there were two beautiful grandchildren in the house who were here to break the tension. A rousing game of Candy Land and a glass of Merlot made Mommy, Grandma, and Auntie happy.

A big gift that Tom's mom gave us was our first weekend ever away from the kids. Tom and I got a hotel room at the Westin Perimeter and spent the weekend doing whatever we wanted. We relaxed, shopped, and dined while Grandma and Aunt J took care of the kiddos. It was heavenly.  Prior to this, the longest we have spent away from the kids is just a few hours.  There were times I had to sit on my hands to keep from calling and checking on them. I figured that both Grandma and Aunt J are trained RNs and would know what to do if an emergency came up. However, nothing bad happened and both kids were happy and mellow when we came back Sunday afternoon.

I don't know when the next time we'll get the chance to have that time away. It's a rare gift - the only other grandparents my kids have are my Dad and his wife and they haven't offered. It'll probably be when the kids are a few years older, plus they live in Jacksonville, FL. I'm jealous of my friends who have in-town family that can get that kind of babysitting on a regular basis. (I don't admit this jealousy out loud, but it's there sometimes.)  The only time I've ever been away for the night from my kids has been when I gave birth to Katie and when I went to my mom's funeral. Tom has only been away when he went to London for training for three weeks.  I think we both  need to learn to be a bit more selfish to be able to give more to the kids.  We both come close to burned out at times.

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 Friday night, we had dinner with my dad and his wife who were in town to pack up my great-aunt who is moving with them. I wish them luck and plenty of valium. :)  The girls were both wonderful at dinner, even though Amelia had an upset tummy that evening. :/  Poor kiddo!

Saturday, I woke up feeling a bit off. I figured it was due to getting poor sleep Thursday night (Katie was up constantly) and oversleeping Friday night. I had a massage Saturday afternoon (per the recommendation of many migraine books). The massage felt lovely, even though it stepped into that "good hurt" area. I came home and we packed up the kids to go out for dinner and Lowe's.  Dinner was yummy, even if the girls barely touched theirs. The trip to Lowe's was pushing the boundary of too-much-good-behavior-for-two-small-children, so we hurried through.

The kids went down rather easily to bed, and I vegged out in front of the tv. I was feeling a bit off, but I figured it was due to all the toxins being released by the massage or something like that. At 10, I went upstairs to take an antinausea medicication and to try to sleep. An hour later, I got sick as a dog. I was ill 3 times, and I didn't want to keep Tom up all night. I headed downstairs to sleep on the couch.

At 7 A.M.,  Tom sent me back upstairs to sleep more while he dealt with the kids. I woke up feeling off, and I just had some juice, crackers, and a small glass of Coke. About 20 minutes ago, my stomach let me know this was wrong, and I ran for the bathroom.

We think it is food poisoning. Yuck. I'm now staring down a bottle of water, thinking if I feel up to it. Tom will run out for Gatorade once the kids are down for a nap.

It was a lovely, relatively unplanned evening. Sigh.  


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