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Tonight, I made homemade salsa using a half-dozen of my homegrown tomatoes. It was a little heavy on the red onion, but otherwise quite tasty.

To accompany the salsa, we had grilled chicken (marinated in Penzey's fajita seasoning, lime juice, and a bit of corn oil), tortillas, cheese, and rice.   Every one ate well, which is always a nice surprise with two small kids.  The kids are cheese lovers, just like Tom.

Now that the kids are asleep, we're watching A Prairie Home Companion that's been sitting on the TiVo for the last two months. We haven't dallied due to a lack of interest. It's because the mood hasn't been right. Tonight, it is.
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I just froze 2 cups of (peeled, seeded, and diced) tomatoes. 

That makes me very happy. :) I feel like I accomplished something.

My big bugaboo right now is that the heat makes them rip
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It's absurdly hot today. Yes, it's June in Georgia, but it shouldn't be in the upper 90s already!

This weekend has been rather low-key. Tom set-up the automatic drip system for my veggie plants. I've been watering by hand; however, since we'll be gone for a week soon, we needed something to take care of my beauties!

Once the kids wake up, we're walking down the street to a block party. It appears there will be a bouncy castle, which will either thrill or terrify Amelia. Katie will be cruising in style in her wagon. :) As for me? I'll be sweating like a fiend.
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The little tomato seedlings I started back in April have produced fruit! I have an assortment of very immature Roma, Beefsteak, and Big Boy tomatoes growing.

My pepper plants are growing well, and have just started to flower. I hope they are fruitful as well!

I can't wait to cook with 'em all. :D


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