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The crayoning, day two: I followed up with a solid five minute scrub with a Target-brand Magic Eraser. The eraser dissolved, the crayon came up, and so did some of the paint. The wall will need some paint touch up, but it looks much better. I shudder to think of the fumes that have been released in that area in the last twenty-four hours, but such is the wrath of Katie. :)
I just placed an order for a gDiapers starter system for Katie. There's a sale on Amazon, and Tom and I have seen friends use them. I've been wanting to use a more ecologically friendly diapering system for years, but we've had internal disagreements about cloth diapering. This is a very good compromise, and hopefully it will work out for us.  We can get refills locally at Whole Foods/Harry's which will be convenient until we potty train Katie, which will hopefully be sooner than later!
Yesterday was my first day without a migraine in two weeks. I was afraid to tell anyone for fear I'd jinx myself. Here's hoping today will be a whole two days of no head pain!  *crosses fingers* 

This weekend, I got to meet [personal profile] mnfiddledragon in person. She's absolutely lovely and brilliant. We fell right into talking like we knew each other "in real life" for years. If she lived here in the Atlanta area, she would so be part of our group. :) In other words, dibs on kidnapping her if she ever moves!
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This morning, we headed up to Ellijay to go to Hillcrest Orchards for their "Apple Picking Jubilee."  We met up with [profile] sistahmoon[personal profile] lemon_says, and[info]katfrog and their families and narrowly missed [profile] eloren and her adorable wee ones. They had a wonderful kids play area, wagon rides, lots of activities,a "moonshine museum", and lots of yummy food. We found a relatively unpicked area of the orchard and let the kids pick a few. Amelia and Katie loved the huge hill slide for kids, and Tom and I took our turns as well.

After a bit of lunch, Tom got the kids settled in the car, and I got a mixed peck of apples in the market. (I had never tasted a honeycrisp apple before, and I'm now a convert!)  Oh, I threw in the apple bread, donuts, fritters, and butter as well. I also bought a candy apple for when the kids go to bed tonight. :)

Ellijay is about an hour from our house, but the drive is absolutely gorgeous. If we ever play and win the lottery, I want to get a house up in the North Georgia Mountains. :D
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I'm actually drinking coffee this morning, which I rarely do in the summer.  My intake of diet sodas has been creeping up (as has my weight), so obviously something isn't working there. So I figure I'll get my caffeine via coffee and carry water with me the rest of the time.

Does anyone know where to find an inexpensive reusable water bottle? Yesterday, I was sporting my ever-so-cool QuikTrip cup full of ice water. I know I rocked it! By the by, [personal profile] raving_liberal - I'm still mortified that I sprayed you with my carbonated grape-water beverage.

Speaking of yesterday, the morning was absolutely delightful. Even though I was running late due to the two children conspiring against me, we made it to Brook Run Park (in Dunwoody) to play with [personal profile] raving_liberal, [personal profile] lemon_says, [profile] steakums, and [personal profile] geobabe1.  It was my first time meeting [profile] steakums and [personal profile] geobabe1 in person, and I'm so glad I know them!  It was a group of lovely and brilliant ladies.  Between the five of us, we were corralling 10 children ranging from 6 years to 7 months. At any given time, at least 2 of us were sprinting off to save a child from certain doom.  The park was fabulous - it was rather new, and the entire area had a springy rubber ground.  I took the time to bounce a bit on it. :)

I'm sorry I had to cut and run, but Amelia had an accident. She refused all offers of going potty, so she made a mess of herself. Since she gets so wrapped up in play, she won't stop to potty. Therefore, we are enacting the rule of "If you have an accident, we leave right then and there."  If wandering with messy pants doesn't bother her, I have to impress the importance of going potty in other ways.

Today, we have an exciting morning of going to the county tax assessor to pay for my car's tags. In the flurry of last year's move, apparently we missed out on updating our address with them.  So I get to take 2 kids and pray it isn't horrible. Wish me luck!
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Amelia's birthday party was yesterday. Per my nature, I fretted that things wouldn't go well. Silly me, the right combination of wonderful guests and lots of finger-friendly foods added up to a great afternoon.

Tom and I had been planning this for a couple of weeks, and due to actually making lists and all that boring project management stuff, we were ready with time to spare. [livejournal.com profile] eloren and her family, [livejournal.com profile] lyzosy and her family, and [livejournal.com profile] bassy_galore, [livejournal.com profile] jimmyether and their munchkin helped us chow through pizza, hot dogs, and an assortment of munchies. The cupcake-cake was a big hit (even with the 27 pounds of frosting covering the top).

The kids all played together very well, and the adults followed suit. Amelia, Anya, Audrey, Ryan, and Rachel formed a happy little tribe of kids rampaging pleasingly through the house.Lots of coloring, Play-Doh shaping, and running around the house with balloons kept us amused. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better party. I got to spend time with new and old friends, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. That's a Good Day in my book.


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