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Saturday, we headed into the city to attend the birthday party of  [profile] mrs__smith's adorable sons. The food was fabulous, the girls played with a lot of their friends, and we visited with so many of our friends!  It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, and I got to meet so many new people.  The inevitable post-cake-sugar-crash occurred, so we wrestled the girls into the car and made our hurried good-byes and headed home. We had a quiet evening at home. The rains finally ended after a few days of watching animals walk two-by-two. (Not complaining, we're still in a drought...)

With the sun finally out, the family headed outside to do some planting. The girls and I planted lots of flower seeds (well, the girls scattered the seeds. I think the local birds have some mighty fine eating over the next couple of days!). Tom and I did some weeding while the girls frolicked. We had a quiet day of doing small things about the house. Nothing earth-shattering. ;)

This week is Spring break for schools, so I have some local playdates planned with [personal profile] lemon_says, [personal profile] raving_liberal, and [profile] katfrog.  I'm hoping to get by the Y with the kids at least twice, but I bet it is going to be an absolute madhouse since they offer childcare. On either Saturday or Sunday, we're going to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival with [profile] eloren and her family as well as some other old gaming geek friends.
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The girls are arguing over who gets to help me do laundry. :) Both of the girls think it is fun to be my helper in moving laundry into the washer, from the washer to the dryer, and from the dryer into a laundry basket. Of course, that's assuming the laundry basket hasn't been repurposed into a spaceship or turtle shell.

In addition, I've started teaching Amelia how to fold dishtowels. So far, they mostly look scrunched up, but it's the fact that she's helping that matters. I also let the girls loose with dusters to help me when I'm attempting to stem the chaos.
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Poor Katie! She has teeth coming in on the tail end of getting over a mild cold. Last night was rough, and she's extra clingy today. Add that to the fact that everyone was severely under-napped from our trip to the renaissance festival, and I am planning on keeping the kids close to the house today.

This week should be a good one though. We have play dates scheduled for Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Amelia has her MMO program on Tuesday and Thursday. I need to get my oil changed in my car, but otherwise, we're footloose and fancy-free.

We've been really good in getting lots of outside time the last couple of weeks since the pollen has settled down. Everyone's mood is so much cheerier with sunlight and romping outside. I feel bad that we have to hole up inside most of the day during the height of allergy season, but that's life.

I've scheduled summer programs for Amelia. She's taking a week of dance and crafts and a week of gymnastics. She's also scheduled for a week of soccer, but I'm not sure if we'll keep her in it. It's a class of 3-5 year old kids, so it may be a bit advanced. However, she's got a fierce kick and she loves to run. I think she'd groove on it.

Tom and I need to make a decision this week if he's going to try to fix a broken tile ledge in our bathroom or if we will outsource it. He's done a great job patching it so we can use our shower, but the whole shower stall could stand to be retiled. We have the money to do so, but it's a decent chunk of change. I think we should go ahead and get it done, but we keep vacillating. It's a case of Tom could fix it himself if he had the time.  However, this is a big project, and that's a lot of weekend hours that are better spent playing with the kids (and me!) and tackling other smaller projects. I find it nigh impossible to get home improvement projects done during the week. Amelia can entertain herself for periods of time, but Katie's only a year old.

We'll figure it out. :)


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