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I had an appointment today with the carpal tunnel specialist at the orthopedist's office.  It took 3 hours overall.  So much waiting with 2 small children. I am so drained.

The story is that the doctor thinks that since my CT is in the moderate category (5.2 ms in one wrist, 4.7ms in the other) , surgery is the way to go. I told him I'd be much more comfortable with cortisone shots now while we deliberate surgery and get our ducks in a row. I got the cortisone shot in the right wrist, and 2.5 fingers are currently tingly/numb.  Having half a finger feel something is really bizarre.

The cortisone shot hurt horribly. Okay, not crowning a baby during delivery hurt, but you're allowed to yell during that. :)  Since the doctor wanted to make sure he wasn't hitting any nerves, I had to tell him exactly what I was feeling while he was doing the shot. That sucked because I wasn't able to just zone out during the pain.

The kids were rambunctious throughout the whole experience. Three hours is a long time to be nice, but I turned into "talks through clenched teeth" mom. :(

This afternoon, I need to call Kaiser and see what the procedure is for getting a second opinion. Hopefully, they'll cover it, but if not, we'll pay out of pocket. I should also go ahead and call the physical therapy people, since I have a script for that.

I'm also going to feel sorry for myself for a bit.  
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The Nerve Conduction Study was uncomfortable and unpleasant. It didn't hurt for long periods of time, but when I got the shocks, it was rather unpleasant. After they did the shocks, they stuck little needles in both arms for more testing. It was like accupuncture but painful.

Conclusion: I have "moderate" carpal tunnel. I have an appointment with a hand expert after Thanksgiving. The doctor I saw today said he thought I would probably need surgery, but they would most likely start with cortisone.  Whee.  I'm a bit nervous about surgery. I've had various friends who have had the surgery, and it just looked deeply unpleasant. If I have the surgery, I'll have to either hire a nanny during the recovery time or have my MIL come stay with us.

My Y trainer canceled today due to illness, so I went and shopped for an upcoming baby shower and got a hair cut. I brought home hot chocolate for Tom, since he's been child wrangling all day. (Not that he needed a bribe, but a spoonful of sugar makes the "medicine" go down. ;) ) 

I'll have a yummy lunch of left over Ropa Vieja.  I may go out for a pedicure while the girls and Tom are napping this afternoon.


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