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Since it's hot as blazes out there, I'm enjoying the air-conditioning and catching up on my reading on the first day of June.

My library hold list brought me the new Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead and Gone. I polished it off between last night and this morning. It is so much better than the previous book in the series. They aren't deep, but they are fun.

After Amelia's speech therapy appointment this morning, I took the girls to have their hair cut. I'd been dreading this since Katie gets anxious and subsequently angry.  I did my best to ensure she was well-rested and fed before we got to the kid salon.

The stars were in perfect alignment today.

They had Tom and Jerry on the TV screens, the stylist's daughter was there and wanted to play with the girls. Katie actually agreed to wear the little drape around her neck. When she started getting antsy towards the end of the cut, the stylist offered her chocolate if she sat still a bit longer. She agreed, and let him finish her bangs. She got her chocolate coin.

Both of my daughters are well-groomed in time for the trip to Nana's house in BFE South Dakota in two weeks! I can't tell you what joy this brings me. 

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While picking the girls up from preschool today, Amelia said she wanted to show me something in the music room. She led me into the Scholastic book fair and said, "Look, Mommy! They have so many perfect books for sale!  I need new books!"

Katie made a beeline for a Wow Wow Wubbzy book, clutched it to her chest, and proclaimed "Wuzzy!" in ecstasy. I was barely able to get it from her at the register to see how much it cost. She's currently napping with it.

I will never deny these children books. :)


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