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I finished The Friday Night Knitting Club this afternoon. About 75 pages from the end, I messaged [personal profile] raving_liberal and asked her if the plot twist I saw coming was going to happen, and if so, I was going to toss the book into the creek behind my house. She suggested I warm up my pitching arm. Steel Magnolias with yarn!

It was still a nice enough read on a day when my brain hurts.  Next up is Nina Garcia's The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own.   I'm not going deep, but I'm going fun. :) After this will probably be Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

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We went back to the library after Amelia's occupational therapy appointment. The librarian said they had someone who was crafty at fixing books, and that it was okay. Amelia apologized for "broken dragon book", and I apologized about 10 times more.

She did throw a fit on the way out because the librarian did not give her a lollypop. I told her that she didn't get one since she broke the book. She quietly said, "Okay" and moped out.
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This afternoon, I took the girls to the library. I explained to Amelia that the library was filled with wonderful books that we could borrow, but we had to take very good care of them. We checked out a few books for her and The Fussy Baby by Sears for me. I allowed her one book (That's Not My Dragon ) to read in the car. After the library, we had a very nice run through the grocery store. She rode in the car cart and was a happy camper.

Less than a block from our house, I hear a very loud CRACK in the backseat. I look back to see she's broken the book apart, so you can see between two of the pages into the spine of the book.

She killed a library book. I can't believe my daughter did that to a poor defenseless book...with dwagons!

I explained to her what she did. She responded the way she always does to criticism: wailing. I'm so grumpy with her. Now we get to go back to the library Wednesday and apologize to the librarians and pay for a new book.


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