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Happy birthday to my beloved husband. For eight months, he's older than me again. :)

I guess I have to get cracking and go wrap gifts for him!
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Today would have been my mother's 60th birthday.

My aunt and I spoke this morning about how she was such a young spirit. It was a lovely conversation. The kids enjoyed talking to my aunt, "their Great Aunt Deb." (Tom's sister jokes that she is to be called "their Favorite Aunt Deb" to keep things straight.)

I'm pretty okay today. It took me a while to fall asleep last night. Tom let me sleep in because he rules like that.

I wish things were different so my kids could meet the neat lady I knew when I was younger. I miss my mom.
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Instead of buying the girls yet more stuff,on Saturday, we all went to the Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey Circus for their birthday.  We had 11:00 AM tickets so we were out of the house by 9:15 in order to get on MARTA for the train ride down to Phipps Arena. We take public transit whenever possible, because the girls love it, and Tom and I hate to pay the ridiculous parking fees.  Amelia made friends on the train with an adorable boy named Caleb, and they played "Space Adventurers" on the way down.  

She was saddened when we did not have seats right next to his in this arena. Alas, life is cruel.  We cheered her up with a giant $7 box of popcorn and her own bottle of water. Seriously, this thing came up to Katie's shoulder. That didn't stop Katie from eating almost all of hers. :) 

The kids loved the circus. It was really "over the top" (this year's theme), and you can tell that they are competing with Cirque de Soleil.  They had some Cirque-influenced parts that were quite lovely. Oddly enough, they had a "Pump It Up" part where they played rave music and had acrobats wearing latex costumes that would have fit in at the Chamber 10 years ago. I was laughing and boogeying in my seat. :) 

They had all of the classic circus parts that Tom and I remembered and loved from our childhoods, such as dogs catching frisbees, tiger taming, horses, silly rude clowns, and so own.  It was wonderful to show the children the circus for the first time and see them be blown away, as well as to re-experience it as an adult.

Getting the kids out of the arena and back home on the train was tiring. I saw some unpleasantness which I detailed on Facebook. I contacted security when we got back to North Springs and they took care of it quickly. Luckily, neither kid saw it, and that's what matters.

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Five years ago, I became a mother. Amelia has taught me patience, laughter, and grace.  She is my observer and my artist. She is full of joy and curiosity. She shares her birthday with her great-grandmother, Regla, and her late great-grandfather, Lawrence, Regla's husband. Her middle name, Lauren, was given in honor of her Abuelo Lawrence who passed three weeks before she was born.

I am so thankful for every moment with her.

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She's strong, funny, and knows her own mind. I think that's fabulous. She challenges me, and I can't wait to meet the woman she'll become.

I love you, Katherine.
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I'm canceling all plans with outsiders for the 3-day weekend. Amelia's still down for the count, I'm coming down with it, and Tom's currently bathing in Purell, praying he doesn't get it. Meanwhile, Katie is taking advantage of Mommy and Amelia feeling off by bodyslamming her sister and claiming all the good toys.

Tonight, I have to ignore the chills and raw throat to bake Amelia's birthday cake and wrap a couple of presents. She is going to have a cake on her birthday, even if she isn't in the mood to eat much of it. :) (The party is scheduled for a couple of weeks off, but I still do a small cake on the actual birthday. Everyone deserves a cake on their birthday. Period.) Kroger had used all of their helium blowing up 8 gazillion Valentine's Day balloons, so I couldn't get any birthday balloons for Ms. A. I'll send Tom out tonight once the girls are down to see if Publix had been more reasonable. Otherwise, we'll give Amelia a few 75% heart-shaped balloons. She'll be 4 - she'll love 'em. :)
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Happy birthday to my favorite person in the entire world: [profile] zathrus1.  I love this man so very much. I can't believe I got this lucky in life. :)

He's currently wandering around Lowe's or Best Buy right now while the girls nap. He deserves the out-and-about alone time. He's had to spend a good chunk of the day dealing with the kids since I've had a migraine since last night.

Right now, I'm just feeling puny, which is an improvement. I feel decent enough that  I'm making bread to go with tonight's fried chicken dinner.

EDIT: It helps to remember the yeast when making bread. *thwap*
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Tom took today off of work so we could have a long family weekend. His birthday is Sunday, and we want to make it as relaxed as possible. We have precious few plans for the 3 days, and we took care of most of them today.

He let me sleep in until 9, then we all got ready to head out to Gwinnett. We were stymied in our attempt to shop at a playground store, due to their infernal holiday hours *shakes fist*.  Our big gift for the girls' birthdays is to build a playset for them, and we want to hit a few stores to compare the products out there. I pray we can find one we like that can be installed by the professionals. Tom can and would do it, but I'd rather pay more to have the time with him.

We headed to Discover Mills for lunch and to buy Katie some shoes. Katie now has a pair of sneakers and a pair of stompy boots (with a pink butterfly on the side). She was happily industrial dance/stomping in Stride Rite! *happy sigh*  Amelia kept asking for new shoes, but we reminded her she's got new ones waiting at home for her little foot to grow more.

Tom and I have an unexplainable love for Hibachi San, so we enjoyed lunch there while the girls played with their food. Tom and Amelia went on the carousel, while I browsed through Carters for pajamas for the gals. Katie was annoyingly playing hide-and-seek the entire time we were there, so we cut the shopping short after Carters. We kept them awake throughout the dreary, foggy drive back home.

Everyone tucked in for a nice afternoon nap, and we had a quiet night around the house. We just finished watching the last bit of the SciFi miniseries Tin Man.  Tom and I thought it was well done. The ending was a bit eh, but it didn't diminish the 6 hours of enjoyment.

Tomorrow, I need to bake Tom's birthday cake and maybe get balloons.  Amelia insists a birthday needs balloons, and I don't disagree. :)  I'll also soak chicken in buttermilk to make his favorite dinner on Sunday, fried chicken. :)
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I received lots of nifty things. :)

My aunt sent me a gorgeous bouquet of exotic flowers mixed in with a dozen roses. There was a check as well.
My dad sent me a $50 gift card to Chicos. It's not my sort of place, but I can get some jewelry or something.
The kids gave me more grey hairs. :)
Tom gave me an Ipod speaker/radio system that is now mounted in the kitchen. Now I can listen to music or podcasts while puttering in the house.  In addition, Tom gave me Lost Girls, which is an unusual retelling of some tales.  Not unusual like Angela Carter...it's pervy instead of bloody. ;)

My mom called several times and apologized for not sending me anything yet. My aunt had sent the flowers from the both of them, and I honestly wasn't expecting my mom to be able to do it. I just told her thank you for bringing me to this world and that I loved her.

I've been a bit indulgent with shopping. I ordered a purse and shoes from Shoebuy, some lotions and alchemies from Sephora, and I splurged a bit at Joanns.

Now if I could stay migraine-free for more than 24 hours, I'd be thrilled.
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I've been spending this week cleaning the house, trying to catch a few naps, and getting ready for Amelia's birthday party this weekend. I still can't believe she's turning 2 on Friday. I could tell you how schmoopy I am about remembering the first time she smiled, laughed, flipped over, and the like, but I like you all too much to do that right now. :)

We're having a smallish party for her on Saturday. I'm excited because some new friends will be joining our older group of friends to meet and mingle. Pizza, hot dogs, and cupcakes will be there for the consuming, and I hope that I can be a gracious hostess while wielding an 8-month pregnant belly.

Gifts for the girlie have started trickling in. Tom's currently assembling a tricycle that my dad sent her. We've got a few other boxes to open in the next couple of days. I'm thankful that nothing electronic has arrived; we have so many beeping and booping items right now, it's not even funny.

I'm a bit melancholy though. My mom never got around to sending Amelia (or anyone) a Christmas present this year. She's able to have her husband drive her around to go out to eat and putter around, but she's "too sick" to have gotten her only granddaughter a gift. As Tom pointed out, in my mother's world a sandwich is greater than her granddaughter.

As I have explained to her many times, I don't give a damn that she didn't give me a gift. However, it's the fact that she did this to a child that hurts. A toddler shouldn't have to care that Grandma's too sick to do whatever (but only too sick to do things that require her to think about someone else). A toddler should live in a happy world where things like illness and death don't come into play. The real world will come soon enough.

The newest line from my mom is that she's thinking about combining a Christmas and birthday gift for Amelia. I find that very hard to believe considering she'd already have to have bought it and shipped it to get it here on time. It's not that I expect a big gift from her. I just wanted my daughter to have at least a card from her grandmom.

I know she's a very sick woman, and she's not going to be around for very long. However, it galls me that she's choosing to spend her remaining time on Earth counting the miseries she's facing (and creating) versus trying to live while she can. For example, I made her a big winterizing Christmas gift this year, filled with warm slippers, handmade scarf, hat, and gloves. She complained that she thought the scarf looked too handmade. She told me that on Christmas day, when I called her hoping she'd think about the hours I put into the gift.


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