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The current plan is to leave Tom alone with the girls for the weekend and drive down to Tampa to see my mom. I don't think she'll even know I was there, but that's not the point.  I'm arranging for a sitter to come over at noon (I hope!), so I have a chance of making it there before visiting hours end Friday night. 

The thought of traveling <i> again so soon </i> is horrifying to me.  However, since there's not a clear understanding of how long she has, I want to be sure I'm there.  For what purpose, who knows. I think it's for closure. I've tried to do that every time I've gone to Florida in the last 8 months, but I guess it won't be enough until it is.


Jan. 15th, 2007 11:40 am
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I stumbled across this website last night: http://stayathomemotherdom.clubmom.com/ . It's so well-written and she sounds like someone I have known for years. I wrote her an email this morning for being so honest about her struggles and how much insight it's given me into my mother. She wrote back the sweetest email.
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This morning, we all headed over to my aunt and uncle's to meet up. I had my uncle (the retired eye surgeon who is now a general contractor) look at Tom's eye. I had my suspicions that it was conjunctivitis, and the doc agreed. Basically, we give him some Visine and wait it out.

My aunt followed us to the beach where I left Tom and the girls with the car. My aunt and I headed to Tampa General where I met up with the hospice coordinator, Betsy. Betsy and I talked an hour and a half, which was therapeutic for me. Very little of what she was told me was new, but it was good to hear that I've done what I can, and that my mom has the right to make wrong choices. I can't stop her from doing so, even to this day.

After meeting with Betsy, I drove my aunt's car to pick my mom up for lunch. (My aunt had her husband pick her up so I could use her car.) Life in a Lexus is smooth, but I'm not ready for that kind of car payment. ;)

Mom and I lunched at the Colonnade. She was a bit turned around here and there and made a lot of disassociated comments to me and the wait staff. I just smiled politely and gave apologies when my mom wasn't looking. She shared stories about my youth and her youth with her sister that were simply not true. I just listened, laughed, and asked questions here and there. It did break my heart that she didn't really remember Katie existed and would only ask questions about Amelia.

After lunch, I dropped her off at her house with plans to meet up for dinner with Tom, the girls, and her husband. I then drove around trying to find a grocery store to pick up a few things. It's disconcerting to find out a Publix has been magically transformed into a Pier One. That's just some sort of illegal real estate maneuver.

At 6, we met up with my mom and her husband at a local pizza joint, where my high school swim team used to celebrate after meets. It had the advantages of being family friendly and comforting to my mom since it was part of the past she knew. We had a decent, if strained dinner. She just pushed her food around on her plate and was more confused than at lunch.

Tom insisted on hunting down a Slurpee for me post-dinner. It was mighty tasty. Right now, he's reading, Katie's crawling all over us, and Amelia's slowly drifting off to sleep.

Tomorrow's plans include Perkins for breakfast (oh, Perkins...how I have missed you), then lunch or dinner with my aunt, uncle, mom, Bruce, and some of my mom's friends. Tomorrow may be the wringer.

How am I holding up? Well, considering that two different medical professionals told me today that my mom has about 4-6 weeks, I feel like I'm doing quite well. I haven't had a good cry today, but I just haven't had the time. Maybe tomorrow.
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Yesterday, the family was all sick. We stayed at home, took shifts napping, and tried to keep it together. We watched the Florida-Georgia game, and it was painful to watch the 4th quarter. However, it all turned out well.

We got the kids down to sleep, then I received a call that my mom was being admitted to the hospital and put into the ICU. She'd been vomiting blood fo r24 hours and kept refusing to go to the hospital. Her husband forced her to do so Saturday afternoon. She was triaged, stabilized, and admitted quickly. However, her husband called her sister and all of their buddies and forgot to call me. My aunt called me at 9 P.M. to find out if I was notified. I spent the evening being slightly freaked out. Tom sent me to bed about 10:30 with an Ambien so I'd have a chance of getting some sleep.

I slept like the dead. I feel physically better, but I'm a touch of a wreck right now. My mom is still in ICU and they're not going to move her/do anything big until Monday. She's probably going to have the TIPS shunt placed in on Wednesday. She's currently receiving blood transfusions, bags of antibiotics (to address her elevated white count), and they've intubated her. They'll do an endoscopy either today or tomorrow to figure out if its esophageal varices or what.

Tom and I have figured out what we'll do in the event this turns worse. We'll pack up the car and all drive down to Tampa. Then he'll catch a flight back to Atlanta and take MARTA to work. We both feel that me trying to do that drive with both kids on my own would be dangerous and painful, given my likely emotional state.

I'm quite drained right now emotionally. We're going to try to get out to a pumpkin patch to take photos of the kids. The fresh air and sunlight will hopefully raise my spirits.
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Mom's had "really only one!" drink since she's been out of the hospital. She claims she's too scared to go to an AA meeting.

*sighs* I just spent 90 minutes with her on the phone talking about all this, but I don't know if it will help.


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