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Tomorrow morning, I am getting my pesky old gallbladder removed. It's developed a gigantic gallstone which has been bothering me off-and-on for the last few months, and constantly for the last two months. I was trying to hold off on surgery til Amelia was in kindergarten, but my doctor sat me down and told me that if I waited too long for surgery, I might have to have open surgery versus laparoscopic. So I went ahead and got that surgery scheduled.

Tom's mother is currently on the way down from South Dakota to stay with the kids for the next 7-10 days. She'll arrive sometime this evening.  I have to be at the hospital at 8AM for outpatient surgery. I should be home before the evening rush hour. I look forward to spending the next couple of days laying in bed reading junky magazines.

I should be back up to speed before Amelia starts school on the 10th. :) 
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Amelia has hit the "why" phase but it's a really cool version of it. She asks "what if" questions about the world. For example, she'll ask when we're stopped at a traffic light, "What if we could fly above the rest of the cars to get around the stopped cars ahead of us?"
"That would be really cool, Amelia!"

This morning, while we were eating breakfast, she looked at Gypsy sleeping on the couch and asked, "What if Gypsy could talk?"
"Well, she'd be like Martha on TV."
"Why didn't we get a dog like that?"
"There aren't a lot of dogs like that except on the show."

"What if Daddy didn't have to go to work?"
"We couldn't afford the house."
"What if that happened?"
"We'd be really hot outside all the time."

It's really fascinating, and I'd rather have this iteration than just the cascading whys.
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Now is anyone shocked that SC governor Mark Sanford was cheating on his wife on his five-day walkabout in Argentina?

I'm not.

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There is nothing cuter than a little girl spinning in a twirly dress saying "I am ballerina."
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We are having a lovely time at my mother-in-law's house in South Dakota. The kids are marinating in the love, and Tom is relaxing, which is vital to the family's well-being. I've been getting more sleep (10-12 hours per night!)  than I thought I needed, which is probably what I really need.

So far, we've taken the kids to a horse farm owned by my MIL's beau. (They've been dating for almost six years, and aren't getting married any time soon. Calling someone a boyfriend when they are both in their seventies seems awfully twee.) In addition, we've seen Devil's Gulch in Garretson, SD, where Jesse James "jumped the gulch" to get away from the authorities. We took a lovely pontoon boat ride on Split Rock Creek where the captain of the ship made many, many Norwegian jokes. It's a regional specialty.

Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, we're all going to the zoo in Sioux Falls. If the weather is rainy as it was today, we'll all go see "Up" in a nearby town that has a theater. The town we are in is so small that it only has one grocery store and no stoplight.

However, my family is happy and relaxed. I don't need much else this week.

I'll be pulling up stakes Friday when we head out to Minneapolis for a night and I hopefully get to meet [livejournal.com profile] posthaste ! Saturday morning, we'll be having breakfast with Tom's aunt, uncle, assorted cousins, and offspring, then catching a flight home.

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A few weeks ago, Amelia mentioned that one of her friends, Maddie, was wearing fingernail polish all the time now. She asked if I would paint her fingernails. This was the first time she'd ever asked about having her nails polished.

"Sure, sweetie.  I'll do your fingernails in whatever shade of pink or purple you like."


"But you know, you have to sit still for a long time to let the fingernail polish dry."

"How long, mama?"

"Fifteen minutes."

"Fifteen minutes?  No playing?"

"Yep. Otherwise your nails will all messed up."

"I don't want it then."

"Okay!  Let me know if you change your mind!"

I just want her to remain this little as long as possible. :)

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Since it's hot as blazes out there, I'm enjoying the air-conditioning and catching up on my reading on the first day of June.

My library hold list brought me the new Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead and Gone. I polished it off between last night and this morning. It is so much better than the previous book in the series. They aren't deep, but they are fun.

After Amelia's speech therapy appointment this morning, I took the girls to have their hair cut. I'd been dreading this since Katie gets anxious and subsequently angry.  I did my best to ensure she was well-rested and fed before we got to the kid salon.

The stars were in perfect alignment today.

They had Tom and Jerry on the TV screens, the stylist's daughter was there and wanted to play with the girls. Katie actually agreed to wear the little drape around her neck. When she started getting antsy towards the end of the cut, the stylist offered her chocolate if she sat still a bit longer. She agreed, and let him finish her bangs. She got her chocolate coin.

Both of my daughters are well-groomed in time for the trip to Nana's house in BFE South Dakota in two weeks! I can't tell you what joy this brings me. 

O rly?

May. 28th, 2009 12:55 pm
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I just turned down a birthday party invitation to the American Girl Atlanta Bistro for my daughter.  No, not for Amelia. For KATIE.

One of Katie's classmates's mothers was throwing an American Girl party for her three-year-old daughter's birthday. American Girl is usually a seven or eight-year-old thing. Not THREE.

I declined out of sheer WTF.  I just can't be part of it.
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Nothing makes a morning crawl like waiting for the summer service appointment from the air conditioning guy. The kids are bouncing off the walls, even with the liberal application of "Shaun the Sheep" and Apple Jacks cereal.

The poor dog has already been loved upon, we've flown the laundry baskets to space and back, and I try not to break out the Play Doh this early in the morning. Mama's gotta have something to do in the afternoon.
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] raving_liberal !  I hope you are having a lovely birthday!  :) 
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Last  Saturday, we adopted this gorgeous girl from the Dawson County Animal Shelter. Gypsy is a Beagle/Basset Hound mix. The shelter estimated her age at around two years old, but our vet thinks she is about four according to her teeth.

For the first couple of days, she slept off the shelter experience. We were worried we'd adopted another cat!  Since then, she's really charmed the beejeezus out of us. We haven't heard her bark yet,but I'm sure that's coming soon.

She has slipped off her leash once and had a great adventure where she thoroughly explored the wooded creek and lake that runs behind our neighborhood. She came back twenty minutes later all muddy and very happy with herself. After her bath, she had a nice long nap. We have also had the joy of removing two ticks from her while waiting for her tick and flea medicine to arrive from Amazon.com. Yaargh!  *handflappy motion*


I apologize for the blurriness. Katie has taken ahold of my camera by the lens at various times, and I can't find my lens-cleaning cloths.

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I finished The Friday Night Knitting Club this afternoon. About 75 pages from the end, I messaged [personal profile] raving_liberal and asked her if the plot twist I saw coming was going to happen, and if so, I was going to toss the book into the creek behind my house. She suggested I warm up my pitching arm. Steel Magnolias with yarn!

It was still a nice enough read on a day when my brain hurts.  Next up is Nina Garcia's The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own.   I'm not going deep, but I'm going fun. :) After this will probably be Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

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I registered Amelia for kindergarten yesterday. *sniff*  I brought all 58 thousand pieces of required information, and I didn't break down into tears. I expect that will occur at next week's Kindergarten Roundup, where the parents and children will be given a tour of the school, go through the cafeteria line for a special treat, and students will get to hear a story in our media center. (Hrm. Must find alternate childcare for K. Woo.)

As for the goblin eating my brain, it's still here. The neurologist upped the dosage on prednisone to 60 mg per day on Tuesday night. I started taking it Wednesday. I had an allergic reaction Wednesday afternoon, where my tongue went numb, my lips and throat were swollen, and I had a trip to Northside Hospital. Considering Predinisone is one of those meds they give you when you have an allergic reaction (whee!), they gave me even more Benadryl (I took one immediately upon noticing the reaction) and Dilaudid, Reglan, and Prevacid (which helps with allergic reactions).

Tom's sister picked up the kids so they wouldn't lick anyone with swine flu while we waited 30 to 45 minutes between every single thing to be done at the hospital (having a nurse look at me, having the doctor look at me, having my throat x-rayed, having the nurse give me the damned drugs already, having the doctor look at the x-rays, having me discharged). We managed to watch most of the Presidential press conference and Lost at the hospital. The kids were thrilled to eat McDonalds for dinner at the hospital and get time with their aunt and uncle.

I have an appointment with the neurologist on Tuesday. No, I'm not taking any more of the megadose of prednisone. I had a massage yesterday which felt good even though I got a bonus dose of hand-fluttery Reiki above me. I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best. (I paid for NMT.)

While the kids were in preschool today, I did a whole lot of nothing. I read my book (The Friday Night Knitting Club), I drank an overpriced coffee, I did a quick medical appointment (a thryoid ultrasound - took 15 minutes), returned some clothing to Target, and listened to a bunch of NPR podcasts.  There was a whole lot of me time in there. I'm trying to bank this up since summer is coming. :) 

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I'm back home from a trip to Kaiser's urgent care facility. Today is day 11 of the Migraine o' Doom, and I'd really like it to go away now. We packed up the family and a bag full of books and activities for the kids.  I explained to the nice doctor and nurses that I was following my neurologist's orders and trying the prednisone first, but now I'm really done. They agreed I'd suffered long enough, and would I like the Demerol shot now?

Yes, thank you.

The pain is less now. I hope it doesn't come back. If it does, I'll call the neuro again on Monday and try something else. This migraine   feels like a band of steel squeezing around my temples.  It has set up camp in my brain and doesn't want to let go.   The doctor came back to the room to check on me twenty minutes after the shot and was surprised I wasn't the least bit sleepy. Nope - just still in pain. Woo.

This migraine didn't stop us from going out yesterday and having a lovely time at the Renaissance festival though. I just loaded up on meds before we left and bought myself 6 hours of relative okay time.  It was nice to see friends.  

I hope I don't hurt tomorrow.
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I'm on day 5 of a migraine. The neurologist's office is looking for my files (according to the nurse, they're in deep storage since I haven't been there since October - which is a good thing!). They won't call in a script for a prednisone pack and a muscle relaxant before they review my medical history. I appreciate the due diligence, but I spent most of the weekend outsleeping the cats and doing the bare minimum of picking up the house and doing family obligations. Tom's sister was in town from Kentucky for a "Defeat Autism Now" conference, so we got together with her and his other sister who lives in Dunwoody who we see every month or two.

I'm assuming that this awful migraine is due to the recent death in the family, the upcoming anniversary of my mom's death on Wednesday, the storms, and all of the pollen in the air. April is not a good month for me. 
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Our trip to Jacksonville was quite lovely. The drive down took a bit longer than expected due to the Outback Steakhouse in Macon losing our dinner for a while, but we had our dinner discounted 50% and the manager groveling at our table. The kids were good in the car thanks to the magic of new DVDs and individual snack bags. :) 

On Saturday, the kids marinated in grandparent love while Tom and I recovered from the drive. :)  On Sunday, the kids and their cousin Ethan had an Easter Egg hunt before the traditional Easter ham dinner. Poor Ethan is allergic to wheat, dairy, and chocolate, but Grandma managed to find white chocolate bunnies and crosses (yeah, they make those now) so Ethan was able to partake of the chocolate goodness. :)

During the day, Ethan snagged Amelia's milk and ate four doughnuts, so he started having an allergic reaction. He's been hairless due to severe allergies for over a year now, and any time he eats foods he's allergic to, his eczema flares up. Within 12 hours of eating these foods, his skin will be bleeding. (It makes Katie's light eczema seem like a walk in the park.)

On Monday, I had to wait til 10 AM to log on to Roswellgov.com to register for summer activities for the kids along with a thousand other moms. The server slowed to a crawl by 10:07 and crashed at 10:20. It was up by 10:30, slowing again by 10:45, and I finished the registration by 11:00 AM.  Tom was fuming behind me, suggesting that we pass the hat with other parents to buy the city a real server. It's not that bad of an idea.

By 11:30 AM, we were in the car on the way back home. My head started pounding about an hour before we hit the nasty storm. Like old people with trick knees that can predict storms, I have a trick head. Yay!  Unfortunately, I had to drive through a lot of the storm (3+ hours) because Tom's narcolepsy kicking in hard during the early afternoon.

Tom is taking off work this week to putter around the house. It's lovely to have him around. :)
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The familia and I are heading out of town this afternoon for a few days at my dad's house in Jacksonville. The weather will be a bit yucky for the drive down, but we'll deal. Since we have to wait for Tom to get out of a training class, we probably won't leave here until about four, which puts us getting into Dad's until 11:30 or so (with rush hour, rain, one child who is potty training, one stupid fight about something really stupid).

However, I'm really excited about seeing family. :) I hope to take the kids to see Amelia Island or St. Augustine. When I was in college, one of our favorite pre-dawn road trips was to pile in the car and head for St. Augustine. We'd watch the sun rise over the Atlantic, and it was always gorgeous. While I love living in Atlanta, I miss being near the water.

Today's job is running a few small errands, keeping the kids from exploding in joy, packing the car, and waiting. Then we'll head out.  I'll be online a tiny bit, but not too much while we're gone. :) 


Apr. 3rd, 2009 02:08 pm
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My turn!

Pictures of the creek behind my house:

This may be the reason I'm currently rocking a sinus infection that has taken away my ability to smell. No joke. I just came back from the doctor who has diagnosed me with anosmia, due to an infection in my frontal sinus lobe. I'm taking more amoxicillan in the next 10 days than I care to think about. Woo!  I cannot smell a damned thing.

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I truly love you more today than I did the day I married you.

2008 was rough, with the passing of my mother and the migraines that ate all of the summer, but you buoyed me up with grace and kindness. I hope I've done the same for you with your mother's health scares over the last several months.

You were scared about being a good father, but you constantly surprise me with the level of dedication and humor you bring to the gig.

Thank you for finding me in Dallas.


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