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So far, Amelia has been engaged in a war of testing boundaries. I think it's typical for a six-year-old who has had one of her major foundations taken away. It's one of the ways she's showing me she is sad and angry that things are Not Right. We are talking about the right way to show our emotions, and when that fails, she's spending a lot of time in her room thinking about her behavior. Katie is reacting in a much more straightforward manner - with tears and occasional outbursts. I can handle that. We talk and cuddle.

I send them outside to run and play when the weather is nice. When it isn't, I do art projects with them, I read, and sometimes, I just put on a video. I'm tired.

He's working 12 hour days over there, and the time difference is 10.5 hours (I KNOW! Crazy.). We've been Skype-ing, but it's usually during the hours when the kids are at school or asleep. I have hopes that he'll be able to talk to them during the weekend.

Oh! Wednesday, we had a lice scare with Amelia. I NEEDED THAT. It turns out she has dandruff. First time in my life I was thrilled for one of my kids to add on another skin condition. By the time we got into the doctor, I'd already filled up 8 garbage bags full of stuffed animals and clothing to quarantine. If it turned out she did have it, I was going to board the animals, buy the lice killing shampoo, and book a hotel near the beach for the rest of the two weeks Tom was going to be gone. You know, my cup of cope is empty.

I've been booking lots of playdates and doing all of the school events that we can to keep the kids on the go. Busy kids are less whiny about their daddy. Of course, I'm freaking exhausted. The fourteenth cannot get here soon enough.

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