Oct. 6th, 2009

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Two Fridays ago, I was at Amelia's school to have lunch with her. This is a Very Big Deal to her and her milieu.  I was introduced to all of her friends, and she showed me how her lunch room worked. It had been decades since I had enjoyed strawberry milk out of a small cardboard carton and eaten lunch off of segmented lunch tray. I had forgotten how loud cafeterias were since I had not been in one since I was sixteen and a disaffected goth.

After we hugged goodbye, I was feeling really good about myself. I was walking out to the parking lot and rolled my ankle when I stepped partially off the sidewalk onto the grass. Sometimes, I am not the most graceful person.  With the help of a man who was right behind me and witnessed my fall, I limped back to a bench in front of the school. I sat there trying to "be with the pain" for twenty minutes or so, figuring that I had two hours before I had to walk into Katie's preschool, walk Gypsy, then another hour before getting Amelia from the bus stop, etc.

I tried to put weight on it after another 10 - I was finally able to limp the 200 yards to the stairs up to the parking lot then to the far end of the parking lot where my car was. I had already called Tom to let him know that I was not able to cope with the rest of the afternoon. He met me at home where I arrived a grumpy, fussy mess. I spent the weekend with my ankle RICE'd. (Not my first time at the sprained ankle rodeo.)

It healed for a few days, then it stopped. Going to the doctor with two kids was not on my list of priorities because they usually want to do x-rays, and they usually have to allocate a nurse to watch the kids while I'm in the giant lead-lined room. Going on the weekends to urgent care means a several hour wait with the desperately coughing ill. No good answer. Yesterday, I finally made an appointment and Tom arranged to come home to watch the wee ones after A arrived home.

Yep, it's a sprain. Oh, look! Crutches!  I have an upgraded brace (more velcro than you can shake a stick at, and I'm borrowing one of Tom's sports socks), and I am to keep as much weight off of the ankle as possible for two weeks. My greatest joy in the next two weeks will be keeping the kids from weaponizing the crutches. :) 


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